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20 Exciting Sew-In Styles For 2020

20 Exciting Sew-In Styles For 2020

We made it to 2020! With so many new and exciting hair trends from 2019, the question now is, what will happen in 2020? Sew-ins are known to give more volume, versatility, funcuality, and texture. 

There are so many options and potential for your sew-in hairstyles the options are uncomparable. 

Your hair will be braided into a braided patterned dependant on your desired style. Your extensions then get sewn into your braids using a needle and thread or a net. 

Adding hair extensions gives you a world of possibilities and here are a few exciting sew-in styles for you in 2020. 

#1 Long and Curly 

Long And Curly

The key to this hairstyle is creating waves or curls that are imperfectly perfect. Having a sense of cohesion, but not uniform curls. Use a curling iron with a large barrel to create these curls. Be sure to switch which ways you are curling your hair to create more of a textured look. Separate your curls using your finger and tease a few random pieces here and there. 

#2 Asymmetrical Bob With Layers 

Asymmetrical Bob With Layers

So many haircuts can be done with sew-ins. The bob has so many variations and ways for it to be cut. The asymmetrical bob with razor layers, paired with a deep side part will always be a hair staple in the hair community! You can keep it sleek and clean with a flat iron or you can add some oomph, height, and texture, using your round brush and a blowdryer. 

#3 Pixie Cut Sew-Ins 

Pixie Cut Sew-Ins

Pixie cuts are not for the faint of heart, but when it’s done it is one of the most complimentary hairstyles you can ever have done. Pixie cuts oftentimes soften the face and give you an edgier look. Pixie cut sew-ins are a great option for someone who wants a short hairstyle but does not want to commit to cutting their hair. Complete this look with some eye-catching earrings! 

#4 Super Straight and Sleek Hair 

Super Straight And Sleek Hair

This hairstyle will never go out of style! This style is super modern and fits any face shape! It brings out your eyes and cheekbones while giving you an effortless polish look.

#5 Sew In Ponytail 

Sew In Ponytail

What woman doesn’t love a full bouncy ponytail? This style has been one of my favorites and the variations of this style are astonishing. It can be sleek and straight, or full and curly. Placement is also another option, you can choose between a high pony, mid pony, or low pony! 

#6 Ombre Colored Hair 

Ombre Colored Hair

With so many color options and the trend of colored hair, this style seems to be here to stay for a while. Pick a color and have it gradually go from your natural hair color into something whimsical. 

#7 Large Loose Waves 

Large Loose Waves

This style has to be one of the softest, feminine hairstyles I have come across. The soft, romantic, wistful waves frame your face and give a very soft look. 

#8 Kinky Curls Sew Ins Hairstyles 

Kinky Curls Sew Ins Hairstyles

With black women accepting their hair more and more each day, of kinky curls, have to make the list! If you love big hair, that offers oodles of volume and texture, this is the style for you! 

#9 Blonde Hair Sew-Ins 

Blonde Hair Sew-Ins

More and more women are embracing blonde. In decades before blonde hair was reserved for a certain kind of woman, but not anymore. It has been frowned upon when darker complexion women opt for this color, but the contrast is amazing, so try it out! 

#10 Long Side Bang 

Long Side Bang

This hairstyle is the alternative to your regular blunt bang. This bang offers a softer look for the woman who feels like a blunt bang is too severe for their taste. The side bang adds a soft look while still giving you some hair on your face. 

#11 Mermaid Sew-Ins 

Mermaid Sew-Ins

There has been an influx of mermaid, blue and green ombre sew in styles. Want to channel your inner mermaid, this is the perfect hairstyle for you to try! 

#12 Grey 


Grey has been such a staple in the hair community, and it's no longer reserved for the “elderly”. There are many variations of grey to compliment your skin tone and style. Looking for something with variations and edge, this is the sew-in for you! 

#13 Wet and Wavy 

Wet And Wavy

This is another hairstyle that just keeps getting better and better! This sew-in is perfect if you're looking for some length while maintaining the natural look. This sew in is also perfect for vacationing around water. 

#14 Lots Of Layers 

Lots Of Layers

Having a sew-in with multiple deep layers framing your face gives the 

”feathered look” that is more natural and offers a lot of movement and body. 

#15 Half up and Half Down 

Half Up And Half Down

The half up half down sew in allows you to have hair our around your perimeter so it appears to be your real hair. This style can be done with any length, color, and texture. 

#16 Kinky Straight 

Kinky Straight

Kinky straight mimics your real hair texture and allows the sew in to look extremely real and natural! This style also does not need to be flat ironed or smoothed over, so it is low maintenance and offers a lot of fullness. 

#17 Wand Curls

Wand Curls

Wand curls have swept the hair industry by storm. It is not quite a curl but it’s not quite a wave. This effortless style is chic and beginner-friendly. 

#18 Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves

If you're into the effortlessly tousled look, this is the style for you! It can be achieved with a flat iron rotating which way you're making your curls and leaving your ends out. This style can also be achieved with a curling wand leaving your ends out and straight.

#19 Dark roots and Caramel Bottom

Dark Roots And Caramel Bottom

This style offers that “sun-kissed” look that brings summer at any time of the year. This gives your glamour and beachy all in one. 

#20 Highlights


Highlights will always be in if you ask me. The contrast of low and highlights will never get old!

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