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Black Show Hair will never ask for the minimum order, we accept the bulk orders with money off and small orders. Offer top quality hair at hair factory wholesale price.

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Dropshipping hair is a retail fulfillment method, There is no extra fee for drop shipping service, You can sell hair freely without the pressure of having a certain amount of inventory or sales.

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Custom packaging for the hair business, help you to build up your own hair brand, grow your hair business. We offer custom hair tags, hair labels, and satin bags with your logo. 

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Our Products

100% virgin human hair bundles, mink Brazilian hair, Indian Hair ,etc. All the weave hair is collected from a single donor, double machine weft, tangle free.

Wholesale all kinds of human hair wigs for sale online. If you are looking for cheap and top-quality wigs, Please don't miss Black Show Hair.

Black Show Hair factory offers 613 blonde hair bundles, 613 closures, 613 wigs. If you want to buy affordable, high-quality 613 hair, look no further.

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------- FAQs --------

Do you have hair factory? Where is your located?

We are a hair manufacture factory based in China. Our hair factory is in the renowned area of Xuchang. one of the biggest wig production areas globally. Black Show Hair is one of the top virgin human hair suppliers globally, offering a wide range of hair products at affordable costs. We have clients from big enterprises to social media influencers and personal users.

Can I tour your hair factory?

We can plan for you to see the hair factory via a video chat simply contact us, and we will schedule an appointment our video tours are usually comprehensive, and you can ask any questions relating to our factory and hair products.

How long have you been in hair business?

We have been operating professionally since our inception in 2008. This means that we have been in the hair business for over 13 years. We have watched hair trends change during the past decade, and weT, therefore, understand what our clients, including small businesses and individual customers' need. Our virgin hair manufacturing process and experience have also changed to cater to different client needs. We want to offer you the best hair on the market. We are the best hair vendors in this industry and great business partners.

How long does your virgin hair last?

The vibrancy of our hair products can remain unchanged for up to 2 years. Note that natural hair of high quality can last between 1 and 2 years if properly maintained. Our hair products don't tangle. and if you brush them often and wash them regularly with shampoo and conditioner. you are guaranteed many months of use.
For effectiveness. always remember to wash your hair in the same direction. Avoid using alcohol-based products or the application of excessive heat when styling since this will damage the hair strands. Remember that the texture and quality of the hair matter. but how you take care of it will determine the longevity of use in the long run.
Note: natural wavy and straight human hairs last longer than the bushy textures or kinky curly and virgin colors. This is due to frequent brushing and combing of the former.

Do you offer hair samples?

We are a reliable hair vendor. and we understand that anyone who wants to start a hair business needs samples. Yes. we provide hair samples to those interested in doing business with us. If you are our new customer. then Black Show Hair will provide you with a hair sample to determine the quality of our hair products before you finally make purchases in bulk.
It should be noted that our hair samples usually have the same quality as our usual hair bundles. This is important in ensuring that you make the right judgment and decision. We don't want you to simply judge the quality of our hair by descriptions and pictures. You can also wash and dye to fully determine the quality.
The full hair bundle sample is 100g per bundle. If you don't like the sample hair. we fully accept the return and refund you.

Is there a minimum to purchase with your wholesale?

We never request our clients for minimum orders. So. we accept small orders and bulk orders while still ensuring that you get the top hair quality. Our hair products are sold at a wholesale price; hence they are affordable.

Can I receive your wholesale price list?

Yes. Our clients are also guaranteed access to our wholesale price list, it's quite easy to get this information. Besides that. we can also send you the price list as a WhatsApp message or via email. That's if you want the latest updated price list.

What delivery courier do you ship with? How much is shipping?

Our main shipping partners include: TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL.

Since we also cater to the needs of small businesses. we charge $18 for orders less than $399, Understand that our profit margins are generally low since our hair products are sold at factory prices. However. you are eligible for free shipping on orders over $399.

What is the turnaround processing time of bulk orders?

We have a business premise with over 20000 square feet of space. This allows us to handle huge stocks, including massive daily sales volume easily. All our orders are usually processed within 24 hours. But if you need customized products, you will have to wait longer since the turnaround time to process such orders can go up to three business days.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with our virgin hair, we offer a hassle-free return guarantee. This is usually valid within 20 business days. If you are in the US. you can simply ship the hair to our warehouse in California.

What makes your hair quality unique?

At Black Show Hair, apart from doing different quality checks, we also have an experienced and skilled team of experts overseas who ensure that all our sourced hair materials are healthy and of high quality. Understand that Black Show Hair factory strictly manufactures a wide range of virgin human hair. On the other hand, we never mix our hair materials or blend them with animal hair. They are 100% human hair, which ensures that we only deliver top-quality hair products to our customers.

Tips before using a new hair vendor!

Whether you are starting a new hair business, or want to scale up your existing hair business. you need a wholesale hair vendor who can supply quality hair extensions consistently. and at affordable prices.
So. how do you find a trusted hair vendor?
That's exactly what we are going to talk about in this blog. Well share with you all the important tips and steps to follow when

looking for a hair vendor.
Research and Make a Budget
The first thing you need to do before opening any kind of business is to decide how much capital you want to invest in it. This means looking at yourfinances. doing some research on the market. and finding out what type of hair extensions you will be selling.
Several different types of hair extensions are available in the market. If you plan to sell Virgin Hair. then you will ideally need more capital because virgin hair is expensive. However. if you plan to sell Remy or synthetic hair then you could start with lower capital.
You should also think about the location and channel through which you will sell your products because this will also influence capital requirements.
Create a list of all the things you need to get done to set up a hair salon or reseller company. It's always good to keep track of these things because they help you stay organized and focused on your goals. Once you have everything written down - the budget. type of hair extensions you want to sell. and the medium through which you'll sell. the task of finding a vendor will become easier.
Search for Hair Vendors
- The next step is to start searching for hair vendors. Thanks to Google.

you can easily find a list of hundreds of hair vendors. Visiting their websites and social media profiles. if they have, will let you understand how long they have been in business. This might seem time¬consuming but it's the most effective way to find authentic wholesale hair vendors.
Search for terms like "Virgin Hair Vendors." "Mink Brazillian Hair" or "How to Find A Wholesale Hair Vendor" on Google. Searching for these terms should land you up with websites of several whole hair vendors. Make a list of around 10 companies and then examine each company individually to decide which is best
- Another way is to buy a hair vendors list
If you have an Instagram page. you must have already been bombarded with messages like "Get 100% trusted hair extensions vendor list at $$$."
While this seems tempting, we highly recommend against buying a list of hair vendors unless you have a clear understanding of how each one operates. This is especially true if you are planning to start a wholesale hair business. A list of vendors is only useful if you already have a relationship with them. Otherwise. you risk losing money to someone who isn't reputable.
You can instead, invest the amount in buying hair bundles or samples from a company in the future.
Ascertain the Credibility of the Hair Vendor
Once you have found a vendor that seems like a good fit. it's important to check their website and terms of sale. You should know the sale terms the company offers. expected shipping duration. shipping costs. returns. pricing, education support. and so on.
Don't hesitate to call them or send them an email with all your questions. Many vendors have their Whatsapp numbers mentioned on their websites. You can send in queries and wait for them to reply. If you aren't satisfied with the information and details provided by them, look for another vendor.
Remember that you are looking for a supplier. and not making a one-time purchase. You need to ensure that you work only with a trusted wholesale hair vendor.
Request Sample Orders from the Wholesale Hair Vendor
Sample order is a great way to get a sense of the hair quality and services a hair vendor offers. Ordering a sample ensures you can first check the quality of hair. before selling it to your customers. If you're satisfied with the sample. place a small order to make sure the sample isn't a bait and switch. We've heard many instances where clients were delivered high-quality hair in sample orders but poor quality hair extensions in the follow-up orders.
If you want to run a successful hair business. you should never want that to happen with you!
Make sure you read the reviews to get an idea about the vendor. Customer reviews are a great way to get an insight into the quality of hair extensions and the service the company offers.
You might notice that certain vendors have been around longer than others. That doesn't mean that they are better than newer ones. It just means that they have had time to build trust with customers.
Don't rush into buying.
Buying a hair product without knowing how it works is like driving off the road without checking your blind spots. Sure. it could seem time-consuming but it will be totally worth it
After you are 100% satisfied with the hair vendor. make the first purchase!
Use a Secured Payments System Like PayPal
Using a secured mode of payment is also important to prevent fraud. PayPal is an extremely popular payment system. You can use PayPal to purchase hair from vendors. In fact. most hair suppliers accept PayPal payments. They do so because PayPal provides security and a dispute resolution process.
If a seller doesn't follow through on their end of the deal. then you can file a claim against the seller. This ensures only genuine vendors get listed on PayPal. To make a successful transaction using PayPal. you must first register for a free account Once you have registered. you can start accepting payments. PayPal also offers invoicing features. that let you include shipping costs and taxes in the invoice. This makes using PayPal convenient.

Now You're Ready to Start Your Hair Business?
Black Show Hair is one of the best wholesale virgin hair vendors that manufactures and supplies top-quality human hair bundles weave. human hair wigs at factory prices online!