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613 Hair

Our 613 hair is made from 100% human hair and its versatility allows you to treat it like you would your own hair. Whether you want to wear it straight, warm your iron and hit it with some waves, or dye it a different color, there’s no doubt that 613 hair stands out in the world of wigs and hair extensions.


One of the most essential parts of any production process is labeling and coding. It’s an industry standard that helps producers, vendors, and customers alike identify products easily.

In the hair industry, hair types are best identified using numbers. So, how does color-coding work in the hair industry?

Every hair product has a base color. The base color is indicated by the hairs’ first number, which tells you how light or dark the base is. Here’s a brief breakdown of what some numbers represent:

1.0 - black

5.0 - light brown

6.0 - dark blonde

7.0 - medium blonde

10 - light blonde

With that in mind, it’s a bit easier to understand what 613 means. The 6 at the beginning denotes that the base color for this hair starts at a dark blonde.
The 13 at the end denotes an even lighter shade of blonde.

So, 61 hair is the lightest blonde color you’ll find in the market. Human hair wigs and extensions that are classified as 613 are already bleached and dyed to perfection. For a woman who wants to feel confident and rock multiple hairstyles and colors without damaging her natural hair, you can’t go wrong with our 613 or platinum human hair wigs and bundles.

We have a wide range of 613 hair products to fit every need. Whether you want a simple 613 frontal to make your hairstyle pop or a wig to cover your entire scalp, we’ve got you covered.

Our 613 hair product line includes:

613 human hair bundles - made from 100% human hair, you can treat these wigs just as you can your natural hair. But the beauty of having a wig means you can maintain the integrity of your hair and not worry about the effects of using dyes and chemicals on hair that’s growing out of your scalp.

Like your natural hair, our 613 human hair bundles are heat and color-safe. What that means is that you can dye them any color you want and they’ll appear as natural as ever. 

Additionally, if you’d like to add some curls using heat and then straighten them later for a different look, our 613 blonde wigs are made to withstand these changes and still retain their fullness and natural look.

613 closures and frontals - every woman has a different hair story, hairline, and style preference. If you prefer a middle part hairstyle, we have a range of straight and wave 613 closures that you can dye and heat-style as you want.

For women with thinning edges, losing hair, a receding hairline, or those who prefer edge-to-edge coverage, our product line also features wave and straight frontal wigs to give your scalp and hair that refreshing look you want.

Our product line boasts high density 613 human hair with a natural hairline and a high-quality transparent lace that blends with your scalp easily with a few touch-ups.

613 human hair wigs - Our 613 human hair bundles, closures, and frontals are great for complimenting your looks and giving your hair a premium finish. But they require a bit more time and skill to care for and style them properly.

If you’re looking for something easy to put on without the hassle, you’re better off investing in one of our human hair wigs. Unlike extensions, closures, and frontals, wigs are like a cap that you wear over your head and natural hair.

Whether you settle for a wig or an extension bundle, it’s important to understand that each has its trade-offs. On one end, extension bundles look more natural. But they also take longer to style and are less durable. Wigs, on the other hand, take significantly less time to style and put on. Additionally, wigs can be taken off at night and therefore can last longer!

However, when storing wigs, make sure you first untangle and place them on a head mannequin.

As we have already established, 613 human hair is among the very best quality blonde hair you can get out there. And few brands compare to our product line in terms of quality and value for money.

The biggest advantage of investing in the Black Show Hair range of 613 wigs and bundles include:

High quality - the best wigs and extensions, which is what we offer, need to be durable and serve you for at least a year to give you value for money. With the right care routine, our high-quality strands will last you over a year.

Soft and lush - When investing in a wig or hair extensions, you want it to be as soft and lush as your natural hair, and sometimes, to be even better than your own. We spare no expense when sourcing our 613 hair products to get you plush hair.

Versatile - when it comes to quality hair, versatility is the name of the game. Versatility, in our book, means the ability to wear your hair straight or wavy. Whatever works for you, you can style our 613 hair just the way you like it. If you prefer a pop of color every so often, our hair can take it too. Whether you want to heat treat or dye your hair, our 613 range takes any treatment you throw at it flawlessly and without affecting its quality.

Adjustable wig cap - few things are more frustrating than investing in a premium wig only for it to not fit your scalp. All our wigs come with adjustable caps to fit almost all scalps and shapes!

It’s worth noting that our hair comes in a variety of lengths and densities. Density ranges from 150% to 180% while length ranges from 14 to 28 inches for wigs and 12 to 30 inches for hair bundles.

Our 61 blonde hair is 100% human hair and comes from the best quality hair in Asia. But even the best hair needs some tender love and care. Blonde hair, in particular, is more sensitive as it is strip[ped of many of its naturally occurring nutrients to achieve its color.

However, with the right maintenance regimen, our range of 613 hair will serve you for years to come. But what constitutes a proper 613 hair care routine?

The first step before you even install your 613 hair is to wash it. This gives it the moisture it needs for easy styling. After washing your hair, ENSURE you ONLY air dry it. Any other method of drying might interfere with the integrity of your hair and damage it before you have a chance to flaunt it.

As you wash your hair, you’ll need a shampoo and conditioner. To keep your 613 strands in pristine condition, avoid any shampoos with sulfate in them. On the packaging, harmful shampoos will have an ingredient with “-ates” or “-cones”.

The good news is that there are shampoos formulated specifically for blonde hair, and they typically have a purplish hue. Because of the stripping process that gives the 613 its blonde color, this hair type also needs regular conditioning, moisturizing, and oiling.

Conditioning helps avoid tangling and matting while moisturizing helps make the hair springy. Oiling, on the other hand, will help seal in your hair's moisture. For the best results, we recommend using light oils like coconut, almond, or jojoba.

It’s natural for hair to dry out and become stiff depending on the usage and storage conditions. Luckily, you can always revive dry, stiff hair and get it back to its lush, natural condition.

The first thing you need to do is to get your products together, for this task, like with caring for your 613 hair, you’ll need a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and an oil. Tea Tree oil will also do the trick.

Once you have your hair products, it’s time to move on to step #2. The second step of reviving your dried-out hair is to brush it. Brushing helps untangle and makes cleaning that much easier.

Start at the ends as you make your way to the cap of the wig. Once you’re satisfied, it’s time to wash it. Be generous with the shampoo depending on the condition of your hair.

After a thorough wash, repeat the same routine with a conditioner then oil it after rinsing out the conditioner. 

If you’re in a rush to dry it, you can always use a blow dryer, but make sure it's in the cold air setting. If you have a heat protectant, it will add a layer of
protection to your 613 and make it last longer.

As you dry your hair, brush it again starting from the ends working your way to the cap.

For a long time, blonde hair has been a preserve of caucasian women. But thanks to the likes of Beyonce and Mary J Blige, today’s women of color are all for flaunting their 613 blonde hair every way they can.

Blonde is bold, and the African American woman knows that wearing blonde locks is a great way to infuse personality into your hairstyle. If not for standing out from the crowd, blonde hair allows you to not only make a statement, but to feel good about how you look.

Most importantly, 613 blonde hair allows any woman the chance to play around with their hair to get a style they adore without messing with their natural hair.