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Get wholesale wigs at a bigger saving! Black Show Hair is a high-quality human hair wigs vendor. The collection offered includes 100% virgin human hair lace front wigs, headband wigs, full lace wigs, etc. Wholesale wigs are provided in a variety of lengths, colors, and densities.


We believe that everyone has a specific aim in mind when they want to get wholesale wigs; that why the Black Show Hair website provide you with every type of wholesale wigs. From our platform, you can dig into the specifics of your wig structure or color that will perfectly suit your customers taste. We have different desired styles, types, and exceptional hair quality that are very affordable.

Our website www.blackshowhair.com has a very secured payment platform Now is the best time to get wholesale human hair wigs at factory pricing from Black Show Hair!

One of the best and easy businesses to venture into in 2022 is the wig hair business! A wig business is less expensive to operate than many other types of beauty enterprises, especially if the salon is small or even home-based. Entrepreneur magazine stated that you could begin with a budget of $2,000 to $10,000 to set up a retail wig business. You can also start with as little as $500 and as much as $5,000 if you want to venture strictly into a wholesale dealership.

Don't forget that it's completely legal, to begin with a low-cost method, and gradually building your own hair brand.

A lot of people keep wondering how profitable is the wig industry! Well, one of the best niches to venture in, either as a full-time hair dealer or per time dealer, is the wig industry.

The average profit margin you get for just selling a wig as a retailer is between 50% and 100%. You can charge more if a client requests bespoke color or bulk wigs from you.

Of course, it is safe to get wigs online, but we all know there are different wig vendors on the internet, not all wig vendors are using quality material to make their wigs.

Many misleading websites mislead people into purchasing pricey, low-quality wigs or even swindle individuals into paying for wigs that they never receive.

A lot of people have fallen victims to fake hair vendors online, this is the reason why Black Show Hair is providing you high-quality wigs!

Our website is professionally designed with a good user interface that enables you to easily access different collections when scrolling on our web page. We sell all our wigs at a reasonable wholesale price.

We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, credit card through PayPal, bank wire transfer, and Western Union. We offer a 20-day return policy if you are dissatisfied with the product.

Many of our customers know Black Show Hair as a leading manufacturer of human hair wigs in China that have been in the hair industry for over 13 years. We endeavor to offer high-quality human hair wigs at reasonable pricing. Black Show Hair has achieved a big number of good reputations from our customers all over the world because to our excellent after-sales service, cheap pricing, and excellent quality.

All of our lace wigs are composed of 100% virgin human hair and are held together with either real Swiss HD lace or transparent lace. Strict quality control prior to leaving the factory ensures that each wig type reaches the consumer in pristine condition.

Black Show Hair has workshops and factory outlets and is continually looking for ways to make every customer appreciate working with us. At the moment, it offers a diverse selection of hair products to meet the diverse needs of its consumers. service.

The company concept of Black Show Hair is "creating high-end human hair wig products." We are proud to provide high-quality real hair wigs. In addition, our service is highly customizable. We can supply customized design, private label, bespoke packaging, and product color change based on your demands. Black Show Hair is constantly on the lookout for new trends and advancements in the wig market so that we may deliver industry-leading services to our consumers.

More than 98% of our customer reviews are positive. This shows that our customers are quite happy with our products. We understand that mishaps can happen but this can never be about the quality of our human hair wigs. If anything, such mishaps are usually resolved swiftly by our officers. Whether you are an established wig distributor or a novice looking to start a wig retail business, purchasing wigs from Black Show Hair will benefit you greatly. We accept rush orders from our extensive human hair wig collection, as well as Custom Wigs. Contact us right away for the best deal.