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Ombre Hair

Ombre hair is hair that gradually changes color and blends hues. It comes from a French word meaning “shaded,” and the term has been used for centuries to refer to something that moves from light to dark in terms of tints and hues. It became popular as a hair style around 2000, when American pop artist Britney Spears dyed the roots of her hair black, which carried to a natural fade ending in a lighter color toward the tips. Since then, celebrity women such as Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, and the Kardashian sisters have leveraged the beautifying power of Ombre hair to create an intriguing appearance and texture to their natural hair. There are now more variations of the ombre technique, such as one that carries a hue transitions from natural color at the roots to an artificial color at the tips, like purple, green, or blue. Ombre hair can look great on people of all races, but when it's’ leveraging a spectrum of natural colored shades and tints, it’s especially pleasing when one of the tones in the spectrum matches the skin tone of the person wearing it. That said, olive-skinned or Mediterranean complexions will especially benefit from the use of this technique, although darker and lighter skinned women can also carry it successfully. Black Show Hair only sell cuticles aligned 100% human virgin hair product.

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