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Why Everyone is Loving Fake Scalp Wigs, Everything You Need to Know!

Why Everyone is Loving Fake Scalp Wigs, Everything You Need to Know!

There is a new wig trend hitting the streets and we cannot wait to share it with you. We know that keeping up with the status quo can be difficult but I assure you there is nothing more fun than learning what’s new in the hair industry. I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of lace front, or full frontal, what about fake scalp wigs? Well, something we’ve been discovering over the months are a spike in sales when it comes down fake scalp wigs, but what exactly are they? We decided to take a deeper look into why so many women are ditching their old style of wearing wigs and now adapting on to this new trend. For those of you who have tried the fake scalp wigs we are going to give you some extra added tips on how to maintain and upkeep this very unique unit. If you are looking for the ultimate guide than look no further. Let’s dive right into the many reasons people are loving Fake Scalp Wigs and all you need to know.

What is a Fake Scalp Wig?

What is a Fake Scalp Wig

Pretty much like the name itself says, when you purchase a fake scalp wig you are buying a unit that comes with a fake scalp attached underneath the front lace area. Think of it as an extra layer of lace that in the long run helps the wig look more realistic by hiding your natural hair that is underneath the unit. This wig also lasts longer, and remains more durable under the harshest conditions. Most people would be nervous to wash a wig unit with the fear that it may tear apart the lace and in turn cause the hair to shed at an unrepairable rate. Luckily, fake scalp wigs come with a guarantee that you can wash them without causing immediate damage to them.

The reason manufacturers wanted to create a fake scalp wig is to eliminate the need for a stocking cap or having to glue a wig cap between your lace wig and your real hair. The producers of this product use a light yet delicate lace that overall makes the wig easier to apply to your head and breathable enough to give you all day comfort back to back. The best feature of these units are that they are so realistic with little maintenance. When you bleach the knots, it will give off incredible life like visual of what your scalp actually looks like, and also parts in multiple directions. Lastly, these wig units come with adjustable straps making it easy to apply for anyone who loves a quick go to wig to slap on and be on their way.

How to know if you’re buying a fake scalp wig?

There are plenty of people claiming that they bought a fake scalp wig into, but how will you really know the difference between a fake scalp unit and a regular lace front wig? Well we wanted to give you a few things to spot out when you are purchasing a fake scalp wig.

  1. Pre-Plucked Hair Line- most of the time lace front wigs are very full in the front and will require you to pluck the hairline a to give off a more realistic look. An easy way to tell that you have a fake scalp wig is that the hairline has already been pre-plucked and requires little to no extra work to create a more realistic hairline.

  2. Adjustable Elastic Band- a fake scalp unit will be able to tighten on to your head without any glue needed. You’ll notice that most full lace frontals cannot stay on your head without the use of glue. Yes, they may come with clips, but that alone will not keep the wig on your head. A fake scalp wig is easy to spot due to the removable elastic band gripping on to your head creating a flawless and realistic finish.

  3. Knots are bleached- Why fake scalp wigs are so necessary are because of the simple fact that you don’t need to wear an extra layer of lace or stocking cap to attain an authentic look. Since the black knots are essentially invisible it will hide your natural hair and all you’ll see is the scalp of the wig.

What’s the difference between a Lace front, a Silk Base, and a Fake Scalp?

the difference between a Lace front, a Silk Base, and a Fake Scalp

To sum everything up, here’s what you need to know.

A Lace front has normal lace that will need to plucked and have its knots bleached to achieve a natural scalp look.

A silk base unit is lace that is softer and also requires little maintenance. Its sole design is to help hide the black knots of the wig without you having to bleach them yourself.

A Fake Scalp Wig will substitute the place of a wig or stocking cap. You will not need to do any added work since the knots are bleached as well as the hairline is plucked. You will also not have to braid down your hair or use glue to secure this unit.

The number one reason to buy a Fake Scalp Wig.

The most convenient reason to purchase a fake scalp wig is if you want to wear a wig without an extra wig cap in between your real tresses and the unit. If you’re anything like myself I prefer to have the option to take my wig off every night so that I can promote healthy growing natural hair. Excessively gluing a cap to edges and then gluing a wig to your cap can be tedious and to be honest most of us just don’t have the time to do it every day. The only other units that stay to your head without using glue are synthetic wigs and they may not be everyone’s preference when it comes down to long term wear. Some may say that this wig style isn’t completely necessary, but we believe that this is a go to for those first-time wig wearers and anyone who wants to help grow their natural hair. For those of you who don’t mind wearing an extra cap underneath your wig to hide your natural hair then that is okay as well. Thankfully fake scalp wigs are in the same price range as normal lace front units so you have nothing to lose when testing the style out. But the most affordable out of all the frontals will be a normal lace front wig.

Will you ever try a Fake Scalp Wig?

try a Fake Scalp Wig

So, there you have it, everything there is to know about fake scalp wigs. As more and more information is released on these units to see if they are really necessary we encourage you all to go out and at least try them. All though the word of mouth of this unit has been on a decline it’s nice to know that wig manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative ways to help new and old-time wig wearers lives simpler. We want to hear from you all, what do you like about fake scalp wigs? What do you think the next innovative wig should be? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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