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Top 20 Weave Hairstyles For Black Women in 2019

Top 20 Weave Hairstyles For Black Women in 2019

Nowadays, women have so much freedom when choosing what look they are willing to sport, regardless of color, length, or texture. Hairstyles with extensions act as a protective blanket for your natural hair from the everyday wear and tear of hairstyling. Extensions also don’t require much maintenance, and you can change your look almost every month. With so many options, we decided to put together a list of The Top 20 Weave Hairstyles of 2019!

#1 Long Black Weave

Long Black Weave

Nothing like a chic, simple hairstyle to make such a bold statement! A side part will add glamour to this dark and sultry hairstyle! Add a middle part for simplicity. Add layers, to blend and move naturally as if it was your own tresses. Pop in a few curls and you’ve turned ordinary into extraordinary!

#2 Voluminous Weave With a Side Part

Voluminous Weave With a Side Part

Adding volume to your weave allows anyone with the finest hair have the opportunity to suddenly flaunt voluptuous hair! Try using a round brush to blow dry your hair and touch up any areas with your large barreled curling iron. A side best works best for this hairstyle because the side part will balance the volume and create soft face framing.

#3 Wet Look

Wet Look

Wavy and curly hair extensions look sultry and drop dead gorgeous when the 'wet look' is done properly. With the right products, creating this look can have you living like a sexy, exotic island gal throughout the day.

#4 Pink Hairstyles

Pink Hairstyles

While all colors are a go this year, pink is still one of the top colors chosen by women, and we completely understand. From pastel pink to magenta, pink hair is just as popular as before. If you are seeking a color that is feminine and delicate, as well as outgoing for your hair extensions, pink is it!

#5 Silver Balayage Weave

granny grey hair

It’s really impossible to not notice the granny grey hair trend this year, and silver balayage is sure to do your hair extensions justice.

#6 Extra Long Straight Hair

Long Straight Hair

The rising trend of 30 inch hair weave is on a steady rise, and we are here for it! While this many inches may require more styling time, hair products, care and maintenance, the results are phenomenal! You’ll be sure to turn heads with this style.

#7 Multicolor Highlights

Multicolor Highlights

This is the year of color! Give yourself an amazing time experimenting with colors on your hair extensions. You can go bold with bright color blends, or even use one tone!

#8 Ombre

Ombre hair

Want to go from one color to another without the color looking choppy? Ombre is definitely the best way to go about achieving this look. You can go from darker to lighter, from root to tip. Nonetheless, you can mix your favorite tones to achieve the look you would like.

#9 ASymmetrical Bob

ASymmetrical Bob

Sharp, defined, dramatic asymmetry with long angled sides falling past the jawline. This weave hairstyle provides the perfect graphic shape, with voluminous bangs!

#10 Bob Weave Hairstyles

Bob Weave Hairstyles

This playful and enchanting hairstyle offers so many styling options and versatility, from easy styling to multiple length choices!

#11 Corkscrew Curls

Corkscrew Curls Hair

We love this style, due to the heavily textured curls corkscrew curls provide! This is a style for women craving layers of tight curls for maximum oomph! The sides cascade softly around the neckline while the back continues to endlessly curl all the way down your spine. Curly weave hairstyles create a look of volume, and volume is always high on a woman’s list of hair wants!

#12 Subtle Highlights

Subtle Highlights

Many people do not realize how much of an impact highlights can have on any hairstyle. Even the most subtle highlights add just enough oomph to make your weave shine and pop! If you like more of a natural tone consider low lights.

#13 Low Ponytails

Low Ponytails

You should never underestimate the power of a low ponytail! While it’s clear that this style is one of the sleekest professional hairstyles, it also offers so much versatility from semi-formal, business casual, or a nice date night hairstyle.

#14 Long Bob Weave

Long Bob Weave

Bobs are always in! Long bobs will always be trendy and offers an irresistible appeal! This cut is suited for oval, oblong, and heart face shapes.

#15 Retro Curls

Retro Curls

These ultra sexy curls/waves will never go out of style and has stood the test of time! The abundance of symmetrical curls/waves create an illusion of cohesiveness and sultriness any woman will love. Pair this hairstyle with a classic earring, red lips, and full lashes, and we promise you will be turning heads all night! For the ultimate retro look, try tucking one side (smaller side of the part) behind your ear!

#16 Bangs


So many ladies avoid bangs at all cost due to the bad chop they’ve received from their mom as a child. Despite the reservations of many, bangs are getting more and more popular! There are many variations of bangs so there is no one size fits all. Bangs can cover high foreheads, or even elongate it when necessary. However, keep in mind bangs are not really suitable for round faces.

#17 Long Feathered Bangs

Long Feathered Bangs

Bangs often make a statement all of their own. Add some extra long feathered bangs to add some oomph, and va-va-voom! Use a round brush when drying your bangs to create the soft swoop curl away from your face.

#18 Beach Waves

Beach Waves

Beach waves are all the new craze! Use a large barreled curling iron to create these loose curls! Make sure you aren’t curling at the end, spray a light holding spray and run your fingers through the curls and tousle them slightly.

#19 Pixie Cuts

Pixie Cuts

These weaves are really discreet and extremely natural looking! A pixie cut is always classy and simple without much fuss and is gorgeous when done in black. Ask your stylist about layering and bangs best suited for your style and face shape.

#20 Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie

This style is all the proof you need to see that hair is the greatest ornament a woman can own! The way the large curls rest lazily upon the crown is beyond. The soft tapering at the temples and deliberate sideburns add such depth and character!

( Closing )

Weaves are among the greatest solutions for women seeking a convenient and beautiful makeover. We must say, it is not recommended that you resort to weaves permanently due to the damage it may cause to the natural hair, although it is a wonderful idea for temporary hairstyles. Try one of these many hairstyles listed above for some inspiration and let us know your thoughts!

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August 14, 2019

Your article covers almost all kind of weave hairstyle fashion trends. I have got different ideas here that make me look more beautiful and stylish.

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