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FAQ from Truly customers to Black Show Hair

FAQ from Truly customers to Black Show Hair

Is your hair raw hair or virgin hair?

Black Show Hair only carries virgin hair, not raw hair. Raw hair is very expensive. It is not everyone can afford. But our virgin hair with good price and good hair quality, most people can accept it. Black Show Hair is China based virgin hair factory. Only offer quality virgin hair. If you are looking for raw hair, I do suggest that you can search the hair vendors from Indian.

where is the hair from?

Black Show Hair source is from Indian and Burma. We have set up the hair material purchase team in Indian to make sure we can get the best hair source. Then we ship the hair material to our China factory to make the hair product.

Is the hair processed? If so is it steam or chemically processed?

Our hair was processed by steam and shampoo before send to our client. The Purpose of steam processing is to make the different patterns. The hair will be healthy and clean after the shampoo process.

How do you maintain hair in such high demand?

For hair maintain, please click follow link:


Is the hair single or double drawn?

All Black Show Hair Bundles are double drawn.

what is the turnaround time for processing and shipping?

It is about 12- 20 hours for processing the order. The order will take 3 days to US by FedEx or UPS.

Do you accept PayPal?

Sure, We accept pay by Papal Credit card, western union, Money Gram and Bank Wire.

what delivery carrier do you ship with?

FedEx or UPS.

How much is shopping?

Our shipping is $12 per package. And shipping fee will be free if the order over $400.

How long has your company been in business?

It was over 11 years.

what is the minimum order quantity?

We do not request minimum order. Bigger order gets more discounts.

Do you sale full lace wigs?

Yes we do carry full lace wigs in natural black color and #613 blonde full lace wigs.

Do you make micro links?

Sorry we do not make it.

will you be able to manufacture bags, bundle wraps, hang tags for my hair company?

Very good questions, we offer the customer labels, bags, tags as well.

Please click following link for it.


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