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Best Tips On How To Find The Perfect Hairstylist

Best Tips On How To Find The Perfect Hairstylist

We all know our hair is the crown jewel of our existence; it makes an outfit or pulls your entire look together. Finding someone you love and trust with your hair is hard. There's nothing worse than searching over and over after a failed sew-in, blow-out, botched bangs, slanted bob, and most of all shed tears. I know it may seem as if finding your perfect hairdresser is up on the list of things that won't happen in your lifetime, but let me reassure you it's possible. The good news is, there are many great hair salons out there, you need to know the right questions to ask and what to look for before sitting down in the chair - we are here to help!

Ask About Consultations

Having a consultation before sitting down in your prospective hairstylist chair allows you to get a vibe of the hair salon and hairstylist before anything is done to your hair. Personalities are important, so be sure that you're at ease with them. During your consultation be sure to ask some of the following questions:

  1. Do they have a portfolio of previous work, preferably the hairstyle you are looking for?

  2. Are they knowledgeable about the style you are looking for?

  3. What type of hair products do they use?

  4. Are their hair salon hours and availability conducive to your schedule?

  5. Are they used to styling your hair texture? If you have curly hair, make sure they're knowledgeable and ask them what type of techniques they are using.

  6. If coloring is essential to you, ask if there's a colorist on staff.

  7. Lastly, if you find yourself unhappy about a style once you get home, is it allowed to come back for touch-ups?

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Word Of Mouth

We all love to rave about something we've found that's great! A discounted find, great bundles, and even a hairstylist who slayed your hair. Sometimes the best way to finding a great hairstylist is through word of mouth. If you see someone with a style, cut, or color you love, try asking them the name of the hair salon and the name of the hairstylist. Once you've met your future hairstylist, hopefully, let them know who referred you to them, and this may help the stylist understand the kind of aesthetic you're looking for and who to thank for the referral.

Book A Deal

If you want to ease your way into it, try out one of their promotional booking services. A Lot of hair salons offer discounted services on Groupon.

Location, Location, Location

No one wants to travel for more than an hour to have to sit in a salon chair for a few more hours. Your potential hair salon should be nearby for your convenience!

Find someone local, accessible, affordable, and quick; this is sure formulation to becoming a loyal and faithful customer!

Find Their Social Media Page

When in doubt, use Instagram. There's nothing more authentic than seeing a hairstylist's actual work. Many salons and hair stylist have an Instagram hashtag or handle so that they can show their day to day images and finished hairstyles!

Research The Hair Salon And Hairstylist

Once you've looked and asked around and decided on a few hairstylists, try narrowing down your choices by searching the web. Performing a Google search on the hairstylist you have in mind will give you a lot of insight. Look up their reviews and the salon they work for, look at the positive but also make sure you take a peek at the negative reviews as well. While looking at those reviews, make sure the complaints are something you may complain about, if not they should not alter your decision.

Communication Is Key

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Make sure your new hairstylist has fantastic communication. Communication in any relationship is vital.

They should be upfront in communicating about their expectations of you as a client, fees if you are late, appointment changes and cancellation rules, information about your hair care regimens, and products suggested. The stylist should communicate with you prior, during, and after your appointment, this will cut down a lot of confusion, frustration, and misunderstandings.

Do They Respect Your Time

We've all heard the stories, waiting 45 minutes for her hairstylist to get her from the waiting area, only to wait longer for the hairstyle to be completed. A good stylist respects and values your time. They will honor your time from start to  finish, all while getting your hair done swiftly with few to no distractions.

Does The Stylist Care About Your Actual Hair

Anyone can glue down a lace front, or provide a sew in, but not every hairstylist is knowledgeable about caring for your natural hair. A great hairstylist will take into consideration your hair's natural strength, health of your scalp, and possible weaknesses.

During your consultation, the stylist should ask you about your last perm, relaxer, trim, color, and sew-in amongst other things to avoid damaging your hair.

Are The Prices Ideal For Your Budget

Your budget should be one of the main factors in deciding on a new hairstylist.

Are their prices in the same ballpark as your previous stylist and other hair stylist offering the same services in your area? A slight increase is understandable if experience, demand, location, and products used.

However, if your budget does not allow for the increase do not put yourself in a bind, continue your search for someone in your price range.

Is The Stylist Booked To Capacity

We all know when we find something good we refuse to let it go, this goes for a good hairstylist as well!

It is a good thing when a stylist is continuously booked and busy, it means they are up on the current trends, and they're amazing at what they do.

However, there has to be a balance, find a stylist that has time in their schedule to squeeze in impromptu bookings and emergencies.

While this should not be a specific reason to move on with your search for the perfect hairstylist, you'll need to take into considerations how inconvenient it can be if you are unable to book your hairstylist when required.

Go Out And Find Your New Stylist

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We know, finding that perfect stylist can be difficult as well as frustrating, but you won't see your hair genie until you put some effort into looking for them.

Like the saying goes "There's nothing to it, but to do it." try out some salons, ask around, keep an eye out for red flags, as well as excellent qualities.

Create your list of criteria for your new stylist, what's important to you and see if they qualify, if not continue your search.

Have you found your dream hairstylist, if so how did you find them?

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