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The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Human Hair Wigs

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Human Hair Wigs

Here is everything you need to know about taking care of Human Hair Wigs.

Congratulations, you bought your first human hair wig! We couldn't be happier, but the real question is, do you know how to take care of it properly? Yes, we hate to be a downer on the mood, but you invested all this money in a good quality wig, and we would hate for it to go to waste. Any wig owner can tell you that the secret to keeping your unit in excellent condition is all about how you take care of it throughout the day. We notice that there are many kinds of human hair wigs for example; Lace frontals, 613 blonde, curly, full lace, etc. But sometimes different methods can be beneficial for the type of hair you are dealing with in some cases. Blonde hair may need a little more attention due to the harsh chemicals to create that color, and you may need to wrap your straight wig to prevent from using too much heat from a flat iron. For every kind of wig, there is a specific technique you can use to make it last longer and look amazing in the process. So, we have in store for you the ultimate guide in taking care of any human hair wig. Let's get straight into these tips.

Full Lace Human Hair Wigs

Full Lace Straight  Wig

Okay, first a brief history lesson. You can make a lace wig by hand, and the process includes tying one strand on at a time on a lace base. A full lace wig will also give you complete hair coverage, and you can do different hairstyles that include multiple parting and the option of wearing your wig in a ponytail or bun. These wigs are typically the costliest, but thankfully it’s easy to take care of them.

*Use a Wig Head.

Since a full lace wig has lace all around you will need to make sure the form of the unit is in good condition. A good tip is to store your wig on a wig head with bobby or T-pins. You want to keep the piece in a great shape that is always ready to put on your head. If you throw your wig on the ground or even back in the packaging it came in it can be very difficult to keep it looking neat. So, take our advice and invest in a wig head or a stand.

*Stay Away from Sticky or Dense Hair Care Products.

As you can probably guess, the more products on your full lace wig the heavier it gets. As time goes on the more product that builds up will make the wig appear very dull and unappealing. If you absolutely can’t resist the urge to add product like hairspray or styling mousse to your wig make sure to gently wash the wig every so often to keep it looking fresh and clean.

*Washing Human Hair Wigs

Since your wig is not attached to your head, we will need to take extra steps in ensuring that it is clean. Try adding a few drops of shampoo to a spray bottle and adding warm water to it as well. After you make the mixture spray the wig until it is thoroughly damp, you can now rinse the product out with cold water and proceed with adding conditioner. When applying conditioner, you want to use the same method as the shampoo. So, grab another spray bottle add a few drops of conditioner with lukewarm water and repeat the steps you did with the shampoo. When you finish washing the hair, towel dry until it’s damp and then air dry the human hair. These steps are the best techniques in washing a human hair wig unit.

Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs like the title says has the lace located in the front of the wig. The same tips you use for a full lace unit you can apply to this option. But since many of these wigs are tracks, you must be careful how you take care of them.

*Detangle with Wide Tooth Comb

When dealing with a lace front human hair wig you want to make sure you comb out the weave to prevent from further shedding. Since most of these units are tracks, you must be careful when detangling just in case you accidentally snag a weft. Using a fine-tooth comb can cause knots and tons of shedding. So, invest in the proper hair tools, and you should have no problem with keeping this unit looking up to date.

How to Take Care of Short and Long Human Hair Wigs

Sometimes the length of your human hair wig can determine how much time and work it will take to keep it looking good.

Short Bob Wigs: Style Wig When Wet and Trim Ends Every So Often

Bob Wig

If you have a short bob wig, then you're in luck. The shorter the hair, the easier it is to maintain. There are two tips to live by when dealing with a bob wig. First, do most of your styling when the weave is wet. Time and evidence are showing that when your hair is damp, it is easier to cut, curl, or place into any style you like. With these wigs being shorter than most there isn't a lot of leeways to mess up. Thankfully, you can cut the process of styling in half, and the wig will dry a lot faster once you have the hairstyle you desire. Second, a beautiful trim will keep your bob wig looking natural. Think of these wigs as your natural hair, and you would hate to skip a monthly trim right? Cutting off any thin ends that may occur from over styling, excessive heat, or shedding would be very beneficial.

Long Weave Wigs: Store Long Weave Wigs Properly

deep wave wig

If you love rocking a 22-inch weave wig or longer, you will have to ensure that you are storing it away correctly. Whether you are storing the wig for an extended period or just for one night, you will need to take the right steps. The most important thing to know is keeping the wigs away from dust, direct sunlight, and heat. The most common place people store their units are in the closet. Sometimes investing in a wig stand is great for short time storage. But keep in mind. You never want to store your wig for a long time without washing away any leftover styling products; this will ensure the hair is free of knots and tangles.

How to Take Care of Curly and Straight Human Hair Wigs.

Straight Hair Wigs: Avoid Excessive Heat

When it comes down to straight human hair wigs, you want to stray away from using extreme heat. If there is one thing that all hair has in common it's that heat will only damage the ends and dry out the cuticles, the same rule applies to your human hair wigs. Try your best to make sure that the wig unit stays far away from heating vents, the sun, or any place with hot temperatures. This tip also means to limit the amount of time spent using a hairdryer; your best option is to air dry your weave whenever it gets wet.

Curly Human Hair Wigs: Keep Curly Wigs Curly

Jerry Curl Wig

If you ever fall in love with your curly human hair wig, do us a favor and keep it that way. If you're interested in having a straight hair wig, we consider you buy two separate styles. One reason for this is because you will have the option of sporting two different looks, thus keeping your wigs in perfect condition. Second, continually switching one weave from curly to straight can be taxing on the strands, this process will either involve lots of product or tons of heat. So, to make sure you are taking proper care of your curly human hair unit, keep its natural style and texture if you can.

Colored Human Hair Wigs: Use Plenty of Natural Oils, and Avoid Chlorine

Blonde Bob Wig

Now, colored human hair wigs apply to any unit you have that does not naturally come in black or brown color or a wig that you dye over time. Coloring your wigs is just like dying your natural locks, meaning it can sometimes weaken the strands. If the weave is weaker that means that it will always lose moisture or have a hard time maintaining the shine, try using natural oils like almond, coconut, or tea tree to restore the hairs natural shine. Another tip is to avoid chlorine. We know it's the summertime, and we want to look beautiful by the pool, but you may want to avoid getting that hair wet. The same chemicals in chlorine are the same ones that can strip the colors from your dyed wig. Invest in a swim cap if you're thinking about doing a few laps in the pool.

Blonde 613 Human Hair Wigs: Deep Condition Often

Blonde Body Wave Wig

We cannot stress enough that you will need to deep condition blonde 613 hair often as possible. This color hair is dry and lacks luster due to the stripping process that occurs to make it this bright blonde shade. If you want to avoid any matting or tangling, try deep conditioning your human hair wig once a week.

How do you take care of your human hair Wigs?

There you have it, the ultimate guide in taking care of any human hair wig. Although we let you know all the different tips for taking care of certain weave textures some of these techniques can apply with synthetic units. Remember the keys to making your wigs, hairpieces, artificial units, hair extensions, or natural curls look great and last longer, is proper care. Love your hair & it will love you back! We want to know how you take care of your human hair wigs, let us know in the comments down below.

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