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Sew In Weave 101: The Ultimate Guide To Sew In Weaves

Sew In Weave 101: The Ultimate Guide To Sew In Weaves

Weaves are great options for anyone looking to grow their natural hair out. Weaves allow you you to take a hiatus from chemicals and heat, while also having the opportunity to experiment with different hairstyles, and colors without altering your natural hair. They also allow you to gradually adapt to your natural hair, which is perfect for most when they’re in the middle of testing products and what regimen works best! Need more persuading and information before you take the plunge? No worries, here's all the FAQS about sew in weaves!

Does a Sew-In Help With Hair and How Does it Protect Your Hair?

Sew-Ins take the brunt out of having to style your hair daily, so instead of exposing your hair to thermal tools, combing and brushing, your sew in offers the protection so you won't damage your hair. Your ends which are the oldest and driest part of your hair, are tucked away in your sew in, allowing them to remain moisturized verses being dry and brittle.

While sew-ins do not promote rapid hair growth, it does protect your hair, which in return helps your natural hair grow better and healthier.

What are Sew-Ins

sew in hair weaves

Sew-ins are a form of wefted weave that can be sewn into using a needle and thread to your hair rather than gluing the tracks.

How Does It Feel To Get A Sew In?

A sew-in may feel a bit uncomfortable and foreign to your head. But the sensation will go away as soon as your hair gets used to the new position of your hair extensions. Remember, you are getting extensions attached to cornrows that may be a tad bit tight. Don’t panic; it will loosen up!

Is there a Minimum Hair Length Appropriate For Sew-Ins?

Most hairdressers prefer your hair to be at least three inches long for them to be able to braid your hair into cornrows and install your weave.

How Long Does A Sew-In Take?

Depending on the client ( the length, texture, and thickness of their natural hair), it may take a trained professional three to five hours to do an install.

How Much Does A Sew-In Cost?

There is no universal price for sew-ins. Pricing depends on various factors including, location, your stylist, the amount of hair, the length of your hair, the style you’d like to achieve, and if your hair will need to be colored, styled, or cut.

Should I Use Human Hair Or Synthetic Hair For My Sew-In

Human Hair Bundles Or Synthetic Hair

For a natural look, always go with human hair.

Human hair is exactly what it says, human - hair contributed from a human donor; it doesn’t get any more natural than that. With a great vendor to purchase from, your weave will be soft, luxurious, and will easily match your hair color and texture without a doubt. Human hair also offers more styling options, particularly heat. Human hair will, of course, cost more than synthetic hair, but remember quality over quantity.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, does not tolerate heat very well, even the synthetic hair that allows lower temperature heat. If you are adamant about using synthetic hair, pre-styled synthetic hair is the best choice. It holds its shape, but be warned it's not easy to restyle, so choose something you're willing to wear. Synthetic hair also does not offer longevity, as it tends to get matted and tangled, which defeats the purpose of obtaining a sew-in weave.

Can I Get A Weave If I Don’t Have African American Hair Texture?

Yes! There’s a misconception the only African American women wear sew in weaves. People with other hair textures can get protective styling, especially if they’re experiencing breakage or thinning hair.

How Much Hair Should I Buy?


If you're purchasing bundles, on average three bundles are more than enough, but you may use between two and four depending on the fullness you’re looking for and length. Generally, for long and full hair four bundles are usually best. For a partial install, short hair or something sleek and not full, you can get away with two bundles. When in doubt use three!

How Do I Maintain My Sew In Weave?

Your sew in should last ten to twelve weeks if you have it tightened and maintained properly. Make sure you purchase good quality hair that does not shed. Apart from shampooing your sew-in every two weeks, you need to condition it and apply a moderate amount of oil to your scalp to keep your hair moisturized, and the sew in soft and shiny. When washing your sew-in weave, use a shampoo designed for extensions and a light moisturizer. It will keep you weave from tangling. Also, make sure to brush your hair daily and get rid of the possible tangles with a detangling brush. Lastly, be sure to wrap your hair up while sleeping, a silk bonnet or scarf will suffice.

Will Sew-Ins Cause Damage To My Hair?

No, at least if the sew in is adequately installed, braids are not too tight, taken care of, and taken off correctly. Sew-ins are meant to keep away any styling tools and color damage from your natural hair, retain the moisture, and minimize breakage and promote healthy hair growth.

How Long Does A Sew In Last

Eight to ten weeks on average, but be sure to ask your hairstylist who’s installing your hair.

When Should I Get My Sew In Tightened?

You’ll need to get your sew in tightened every four to six weeks give or take. Someone may be able to go longer while someone else may not be able to.

How To Remove A Sew In

Ultimately you can have your hairstylist remove you're sew-in. But if you’d rather get it out of the way yourself here's how! We know with sew-in extensions, your natural hair is braided to the scalp, and your extensions are sewn in with thread through the braid.

You should start by dividing your hair into the sections that the rows were sewn in, separate the first row starting from the nape of your neck and tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail.

Take scissors, and more importantly, take your time, and carefully cut the thread in the braid from the row you’ve sectioned off. Be careful not to cut your hair, and gently pull the extension away from your hair.

Protect Those Tresses

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Sew-Ins will always be a great protective style! Taking the plunge can be a little intimidating when uniformed about such a topic as this. Hopefully, we have answered all of your questions about getting a sew-in weave. Have any other questions, ask below!

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