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Very Detailed Introduce About the Different Types of Wig Cap Construction

Very Detailed Introduce About the Different Types of Wig Cap Construction

With every wig, comes a different wig cap construction. Each wig construction offers individual various features and benefits. When searching for your next best wig remember the inside construction is just as important as the outside. When looking at wigs you may assume that all wigs are built the same offering the same features, but when looking at the construction closely, you will then realize that it is not. There are five different wig cap constructions. They are closure wigs, frontal wigs, full lace wigs, U-PART wigs, and headband wigs. If you are on the market for a new wig and want to know about wig cap construction, you are in the perfect place. Keep reading to understand the different types of wig cap construction.

Closure Wig Cap Construction

closure wig

This cap is the most common wig cap construction. This cap offers a lace piece on the inside of the wig under the crown area, offering comfort to the wearer. These caps have a skin mimicking piece where the part area is seen, creating the illusion that the part is your scalp when looking at the part area.

The hair on these caps is machine sewn into strips of material including cotton, felt, or other material. The strips are woven together, creating the appearance of hair growing in many directions.


  • Affordable - Traditional wefts are less expensive.

  • Durability - Extremely durable, wefts are sewn so they will not loosen.


  • No Styling Versatility - You will have to style the hair in the way the wig has been made.

Frontal Wig Cap Construction

frontal wig

These wigs are known for their natural-looking hairline and are most sought after. The frontal wig offers a sheer deep frontal in the front portion of the wig. These caps are made using mesh material giving the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. Depending on the wig cap manufacturer the lace front can go from temple to temple or ear to ear. If you often wear your hair pulled back or in an updo style, we do suggest purchasing an ear to ear wig cap. Both offer realistic-looking results, which one you chose is solely up to preference and cost. This wig cap also allows multiple directional parting while remaining to appear a natural growth pattern and scalp. Another great feature of these caps is the ventilation for cooling your scalp due to the machine weft and spacing. These wig caps also sometimes offer adjustable tabs.


  • Natural-looking - These cap constructions mimics a real hairline.

  • Instantly Wearable - Most times frontal wigs come pre-styled.

  • Versatile Styling - Due to the hairline looking natural you can pull the hair back without the worry of the hairline looking unnatural.


  • Delicate - Often the frontals are delicate and when untaken care of they will tear. Also, when plucking the hairline lessens the lifespan of the wig.

Full Lace Wig Cap Construction

full lace wig

Full lace wigs are also known as 100% hand-tied wigs. The entire cap is fully hand tied, offering the benefit that no matter the style, the wig looks natural. Every strand of hair is tied individually onto the cap using the hand-knot technique. This process is done with hands not relying on machines or any technical stitching. The mesh base and hand-tied technique offers the most natural hair growth pattern and provides a soft fit.

No matter where the part is, your hair is sure to have a natural appearance on the scalp due to the hand-tie and mesh cap base. This also allows the hair on the wig to move freely offering realistic movement and styling as if it was your real hair.

This wig cap construction also may be the comfiest due to no wefts or seams. Without seams or wefts, you do not have to bother with the friction against your braids. This wig is ideal for individuals with hair loss and wants to avoid irritation to a sensitive scalp due to the friction.

Full lace wigs are also light when wearing and keep the head ventilated and cool throughout the lace.

Below I will list out the pro’s and con's


  • Movement - this is because of the way full lace caps are constructed, hand tying the hair allows movement just like your hair would.

  • Quality - Most times handmade things are better due to the craftsmanship. Each hair is hand-knotted, ensuring that the cap is secure.

  • Versatility With Styling - You can style the wig however you want. High ponytails, deep parts, half-up styles, etc.


  • Looseness - Due to the hair being hand-tied many lace caps loosens over time.

  • Cost - Due to the hair being hand-tied and done by hand, the cost goes up drastically.

U-Part Wig Cap Construction

u-part wig

A U-part wig cap is a wig offering a U-shaped opening at the front of the cap allowing you to blend the hair you're leaving out or attaching a closure. These caps are perfect for protective styling and allow versatility and save on time. Most u-part wigs are made with combs ensuring the wig remains in place.


  • Time-Saving - You can easily pop your U-part on and off your head and go.

  • Access To Your Hair - U-parts allows the freedom to remove as much or as little hair as you'd like. You are also able to take care of your scalp and hair underneath and reinstall the u-part wig.

  • Versatile - Customizable and easy to switch styles.

Headband Wigs Cap Construction

headband wig

Headband wigs are the craze offering easy and convenient protective styling! These wigs are non-lace wigs with a basic color elastic cloth in the front attaching the hair wig. Scarves are changeable and offer versatility like no other.

Headband wigs are a combo of machine-made wigs and a headband constructed together. The wig portion of the wig is made up of a breathable wig cap made with human or synthetic hair. The elastic hair scarf is soft and stretchy allowing the wig to capsize to fit many head sizes. Velcro fasteners are also used on some of these bands working together with combs avoiding the ability of the wig to fall off easily.


  • Convenient - Extremely easy to wear and easy to remove. You can easily throw on these wigs, spice it up with a scarf and go.

  • Saves Time - This wig can be put on and styled in five minutes.

  • Cost-Effective - These wigs are cost-effective. This is due to the wig being machine made.

  • Easy Hairline - These wigs show your actual hairline allowing it to look extremely natural.


  • These wigs do not offer styling versatility; you are locked into only a few styles with these types of caps.

Choosing a wig cap style and fit can cause the sensation of an overwhelming feeling. We are hoping that this blog has helped guide you through the process, making you comfortable and knowledgeable when choosing a wig.

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