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Best Advice for Choosing the Perfect Lace Color to Match Your Scalp

Best Advice for Choosing the Perfect Lace Color to Match Your Scalp

Imagine this, purchasing a bomb lace front, perfect length, amazing texture, and a great price. Only to find that the lace color doesn’t match your scalp complexion. Even if no one outwardly admits it, picking the wrong colored lace is a common mistake all lace wearers make at one point when purchasing a lace front. Have you found yourself frustrated, no worries, keep reading the best advice for choosing the perfect lace front color

Lace Colors

Although many, here are the four standard lace colors.

lace color

  1. Transparent Lace - Transparent lace colors are ideal for women with creamy to fair complexions. Although ideal for these complexions, transparent lace is used most and oftentimes known to be suitable for most complexions.
  2. Middle Brown Lace - This lace color is perfect for brown scalp complexion.
  3. Light Brown Lace - This lace color matches light brown to fair scalp complexion.
  4. Dark Brown Lace - This lace color is ideal for darker scalp complexion.
  5. HD Lace - HD lace comes in one color, transparent. Please know that transparent lace does not blend well with brown scalp complexion. Doing so will create an ashy look when placed on the skin.

How To Choose The Best Lace Color

When finding your perfect lace color match, remember to match the lace with your scalp and not the tone of your skin. This ensures that the scalp looks natural and undetectable. There is nothing worse than a frontal that is ill-fitting or doesn’t match properly.

First, try parting your hair and looking over your scalp color. If you come across the issue of not finding the perfect match, choose something lighter versus something darker. If that is not ideal just opt for the transparent lace. When choosing this route, go with the HD transparent lace.

HD lace is known to be undetectable which is best when looking for the perfect blend. Also, remember HD lace is delicate and more expensive, so take your budget and if you’re able to delicately handle the lace.

How To Make Your Lace Blend?

Purchasing frontals online can be tricky when it comes down to finding the perfect match due to monitors and the camera. In case you’ve chosen a lace color that does not match your tone, they’re remedies for color matching.

When you have chosen a lace that is lighter than your scalp color, you can use these methods for darkening your lace.

Remedy 1 - Using Foundation or Concealer

Using your foundation or congealer is the quickest and easiest way to darkening your lace, although this remedy is a temporary fix. The only items needed are powder and a foundation brush used to correct your lace frontal color.

Flip your frontal inside out, take your foundation or congealer and begin pressing the product into your lace blending it as close as possible to your scalp complexion. Using this technique is short term and only takes minutes to do.

The downside of this is it wears off in two or three days and becomes messy at times.

Remedy 2 - Lace Tint 

lace tint

Tinting your lace is a straightforward process that may take time to perfect and you may need to practice.

When choosing this metho+d, make sure it is applied on wet lace for the best results. Once wet spray the tint on the inside portion of the lace. You can then allow the lace to air dry for a couple of seconds.

Remember, the fabric will give you permanent results, so make sure you know the desired color you want to achieve before starting the process.

Gather the hair carefully and place it into a ponytail. Dip your lace into your mixture for thirty-second increments. Take your time when doing this, this will ensure that your lace won’t come out too dark.

Also, make sure you test out a small portion of the lace on your forehead before changing the color.

Wash your lace frontal thoroughly with cool water allowing the color to set in after the desired color has been reached.

The water may run brown for a while but this is normal, after shampooing and conditioning the hair rinse and allow to air dry.

Remedy 3 - Dyeing the Lace

Start by filling a basin or bowl with warm water. Make sure that the shade matches your scalp complexion as best as possible. Using a few drops of dye dip the lace in the container or basin for around ten minutes. Check continuously and frequently until the desired tone.

Wash out with cool water ensuring the color has set in properly. Shampoo and condition ensuring everything has been rinsed out thoroughly. Allow to air dry.

Remedy 4 - Tea Bags (Black)

If you are desperate and have no dye on hand using black tea bags is another method. Prepare ten bags in a pot of hot water which tints the lace fairly easy.

Prepare between ten to twenty tea bags in a pot of boiling water. Gently press the bags to get the color out.

After, remove the bags allowing the water to simmer for another two to three minutes. Turn heat off and let cool for two minutes.

Dip the lace into the water like the method above. Check the lace often so the lace gets the perfect color.

Wash and condition, ensuring to remove the smell of tea.

How to Lighten Lace 

Just like your lace can be too light your lace can also be too dark. Maybe you left your lace in too long when tinting or dying it, or maybe you purchased the incorrect color. No worries, we have a remedy for that!

Remedy 1 - Bleaching Your Knots

bleach knots

This method is the most common way to lighten your lace. Combine your bleach and developer into the proper mixing bowl and mix. Mix the mixture until the consistency is thick and will sit on top of the lace and not seep through.

Turn the lace inside out applying the mixture onto the lace ensuring to cover everything completely. Allow to sit for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Shampoo with neutralizing shampoo, this shampoo stops the bleach from processing anymore.

Remedy 2 - Purple/Lavender Colored Shampoo

This colored shampoo tones the hair canceling out any brassiness and yellow tones.

Finding Your Perfect Match

We all know the importance of a lace front that matches and melts right into your scalp. Having anything too light or too dark will throw the entire style off. If you find yourself with a lace front that is too light or too dark try the remedies above!

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