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20 Healthy Hair Habits For 2020

20 Healthy Hair Habits For 2020

We are in 2020 and this year is all about embracing our natural locks, whilst rocking our hair weaves, wigs, and hair extensions. While wearing these protective styles, remember the hair underneath is just as important and should be taken care of. When neglecting your hair underneath these styles, you are liable to cause breakage, dryness, and other issues to your hair. Here are 20 healthy hair habits for 2020.

Habit #1 Take Care Of Your Scalp

Having a healthy scalp is important for your hair growth. A healthy routine requires regular cleaning to remove sweat, bacteria, and oils from the scalp. To keep your scalp happy and healthy follow these tips below.

  • Exfoliating the scalp - This helps boost skin cell turnovers. If you are experiencing dry skin issues you will probably need to exfoliate about two to three times weekly.

  • Preserving moisture - avoid hot water on your scalp, opt for lukewarm water. Which allows sebum to stay on the scalp.

  • Scalp massages - Keep the circulation going 

  • Limit to chemical hair treatments 

  • Regularly shampoo your hair 

  • Protecting your scalp from the sun when exposed regularly 

  • Eating Clean 

Habit #2 Protecting Your Scalp From The Sun 

You would think your hair would protect your scalp from the harmful UV rays, well think again. 

Dermatologists wish more people would understand the importance of protecting your scalp due to it being where your hair follicles are, which are ultimately important for your hair growth. Wondering how you could protect your scalp? Here's how.

  • Try wearing a hat that is brimmed. By doing this, your hairline is also protected. 

  • Try using a leave-in hair conditioner that has SPF as an ingredient, more bang for your buck!

  • Try limiting your scalp to direct sun exposure. 

Habit #3 Ditch The Rubberbands For Hair Ties & Elastics

We all know the dreaded feeling of pulled strands of hair as we are removing a rubberband from our hair. Although convenient, rubber bands should not be used as a hair tie or elastic replacement. Due to the aggressive pulling and tugging of the hair, rubber bands cause serious breakage.

Habit # 4 Lock In The Moisture With Cool Water

Once you have completely shampooed and conditioned your hair using lukewarm water, seal your hair with cool water. Doing so will close your hair cuticle, allowing a smooth look. Also, another benefit to cool water is sealing in color from colored or treated hair.

Habit # 5 Opt Out Of Drying Your Hair With A Towel

When drying your hair with a towel the hair shaft can take the brunt of the friction causing frizz and sometimes breakage. Instead, try using a t-shirt (not cotton) to squeeze and blot the water out of your hair. By doing so, you're ensuring your hair is smooth and the cuticle is flat.

Habit # 6 Invest In A Good Brush

Using the wrong or cheapest brush will always lead to distressed hair. For coarse hair opt for a good detangling brush that flows into your hair without snags. For finer hair try boar bristle brushes for smooth static-free hair and add volume.

Habit # 7 Do Not Wear The Same Hairstyle

Wearing the same hairstyle daily can have a negative effect on your hair and scalp. Also, hairstyles that are too tight and traction alopecia and hair loss.

Habit # 8 Avoid Too Much Heat

Applying too much heat to the hair continuously can cause your hair to be fried. If you are experiencing breakage mid-shaft, your hot tools may be the blame. Heat damage also will lead to hair loss. Try to find ' no heat ' styles that you'd generally wear using hot tools about two times a week.

Habit # 9 Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks is so beneficial when speaking about hair growth. Ridding yourself of split ends removes the possibility of having them travel mid-shaft and alleviates some frizz.

Habit # 10 Do Not Shampoo Your Hair Everyday

Shampoos were made to clean and strip your hair and scalp of oil and can dry your hair out. Instead of shampooing your hair daily, try pre-pooing your hair using a cleansing conditioner to add moisture while cleaning your hair.

Habit # 11 Condition, Condition, Condition

Conditioners should always be used to add moisture after washing your hair or moisture has been removed. Individuals with fine hair should try conditioning their hair first then using a sulfate-free cleansing product. On the other hand, there is always a fine line, be sure to find balance with conditioning your hair. Over conditioning, your hair will lead to greasy, stringy, hair.

Habit # 12 Opt For The Wide Tooth Comb

Your hair is the weakest when wet. You must detangle your hair before shampooing your hair. If you are detangling your hair while wet, opt for a wide-tooth comb and a good amount of hair conditioner to protect your hair from breakage. Make sure to split your hair into sections, detangling from tips to root.

Habit # 13 Do Not Over Bleach

Doing so can leave your hair prone to breaking off and dry. Constantly bleaching your hair causes hair damage. When not taken care of properly this can cause many issues. Try moisturizing products, heat protectants, and hair masks to add moisture and the necessary nutrients.

Habit # 14 Sleep On Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on cotton material causes friction, breakage, and removes the necessary oil and moisture needed for healthy hair. Try using a silk pillowcase, scarf, or bonnet while sleeping to minimize the wear and tear while you are sleeping.

Habit # 15 Keep A Healthy Diet

We hear it daily, maintain a healthy diet. There are many reasons to do so, and having healthy hair is another reason to do so. Proteins are the building block of healthy hair.

Habit # 16 Stop Tugging And Touching Your Hair Constantly

Tugging and pressure on the hair are some of the biggest causes of tractions. Continuous pulling on the hair follicle will mess up the hair.

Habit # 17 Base Your Products On The Weather

Different products are based on different seasons. During the winter, use products that are hydrating and adding moisture. However, during the summer and hotter months use a lightweight product that will not weigh your hair down in the humidity.

Habit # 18 Use Hair Masks

Using a hair mask or deep conditioner weekly allows hydration and smoothness. If you use heat tools often, opt to do your hair masks more frequently.

Habit # 19 Use A Heat Protectant

Use a heat protector every time you are using hot tools. Heat protectants are used to defend your hair against heat damage.

Habit # 20 Evaluate The Products You Are Using

Products you use on your hair are just as important as products you use anywhere else on your body. Ditch hair products that have harmful ingredients including:

  • Sulfates 

  • Parabens 

  • Silicones 

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