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What Is Mink Brazilian Hair? A Completely Guide

What is mink Brazilian Hair

So what is mink Brazilian hair? Is it real? Is it a thing? Everyone seems to be a bit obsessed with mink hair extensions. Let's put it this way, think of mink hair as a beautiful mink coat, but, only for your head. Full, luxurious, and extremely thick, now that's dream hair! Well, it's a reality now, the term mink hair refers to the highest quality of virgin Brazilian hair. The quality is great, and the durability is even more excellent! Mink hair extensions color well, has a doubled stitch weft construction, is sourced from one donor, and flows in the same direction. I mean, really can it get any better? Want to know more about mink Brazilian hair, look no further, here’s your guide to what is mink Brazilian hair.

Where Is Mink Brazilian Hair From?

Almost, 100% of virgin hair is sourced from India, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Brazil, and Russia. The texture of your mink extensions dictates where they are derived from.

Different hair names including Peruvian and Brazilian refers to the texture of the hair and the donor. Mink Brazilian hair does not come from an actual mink unlike eyelash extensions.

What Is Virgin Hair?

Mink Brazilian hair is virgin hair, but on steroids! Virgin hair is 100% pure. No chemical processing at all. No perms, no color treatments, no dying, no bleaching, has not been blown dried, nor steamed or has not gone through any other chemical processing.

Virgin hair is also perfect because it is sourced from one donor! When purchasing bundles sourced from multiple donors, hair pieces will be slightly different in texture, length, and color sometimes!

When purchasing extensions from one donor, you are sure to receive:

  • No chemical processing

  • No exposure to harsh chemicals

  • Cuticles flowing in the same direction (Say goodbye to shedding, tangling, and little volume!)

  • Consistent lengths

  • Consister texture

  • Consistent color

What Is A Single Donor?

This means all the hair in the individual bundle is gathered and wefted from the same person! Some may say this is not important, however, it is. Having a consistent curl pattern or color in your bundles allows your extensions to look more natural and realistic. Who doesn’t want that?

The Quality Difference

Mink hair is the highest quality virgin hair, period. The quality ensures thickness, fullness, and greater longevity compared to regular virgin hair.

Combining same follicle flow and extra softness it is easy to see why mink hair is tangle resistant! This makes mink hair easier to wash and comb, hello for time-saving hair!

Mink hair is also known for its high density, making it heavier and thicker because of its high density.

Mink hair is widely known for its high density making it more substantial and thick as well as being light, allowing the extensions to be very soft and have a lot of body to it.

Also, because of the density, it is less likely to frizz which is a great thing for the extremely humid states!

What Texture Best Fits Mink Hair?

Mink hair is one of the best textures for African American women. The texture is very full, very thick, and has great body which emulates their hair perfectly!

However, this type of hair is versatile and will blend with all hair textures.

How To Maintain Your Mink Hair Extensions


You will need to take of your extensions as you would your real hair. Proper care should include daily brushing, hydration, and proper hair care products.

  • Brush before bed and before washing your extensions

  • Be Soft When Styling Your Extensions

When taking care of your mink hair extension  Use a soft-bristled brush, start at the bottom and slowly work your way up when brushing. Tugging and pulling on your hair extensions will creator snags and shedding of the hair extensions which will eventually lead to split ends. Yes, hair extensions are prone to split ins.

  • Wash With Hair Extension Products

It is critical to wash your mink extensions with sulfate free and paraben free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfates are known to increase sensitivity and may irritate. They are also known to strip your hair and extensions from their essential oils. There’s no direct supply of oils from your scalp into the strands.

  • Condition your extensions to keep your mink more manageable! Deep condition or place a mask on once a week to ensure moisture.

  • Do not brush your extensions wet; the hair follicles are most vulnerable when wet. No unnecessary popping if it's preventable.

  • Avoid using heavy oils.

Use a heat protectant when styling your extensions.

  • Heat protectants smooth the cuticles on the hair shaft

  • Makes the hair less porous and less prone to frizziness when in humid conditions

  • Restores moisture to your hair, everyone needs a bit more of that!

  • Keeps hair conditioned despite the heat used when styling.

  • Adds a protective layer on top of the hair shaft.

  • Makes hair more manageable due to it being lubricated.

Dry Your Hair Extensions

Ensuring to properly dry your hair mink hair extensions is critical for not only your extensions but your hair as well. Incorrectly drying hair can lead to mold amongst other scalp issues. Be sure to clip your hair in sections and dry your braided hair thoroughly.

There are different methods for different extensions types.

  • Hang Dry (Air Dry)  - Clip-ins

  • Hair Diffuser - Sew In

  • Hooded hair Dryer - Sew In

  • Blow Dry - Clip ins, fusions clip-ins, tape ins, hair bonding.

Remove Your Mink Extensions In A Timely Manner

Mink extensions are known for its long lifespan when adequately taken care of. However, removing them to allow your hair to breath and reduce damage. Allow at least a week before reinstalling your sew in.

Is Mink Hair Really Worth it?

If someone were to ask if mink extensions were worth the price tag, I’d instantly say yes! Between the longevity, durability, and luxuriousness, mink hair does not leave room for anything to be desired. If you are in search of some dream hair, Black Show Hair mink Brazilian hair is the answer to your dreams! Have any other questions, want to purchase, let us know!

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