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Ultimate Guide To Detangling Human Hair Wigs

Ultimate Guide To Detangling Human Hair Wigs

How to Detangle a Human Hair Wig

Human Hair Wigs are on the rise, anyone who is anyone can be seen rocking these amazing and versatile hairstyles. With so many benefits of having a human hair wig, it makes you stop and wonder about the few but ever so annoying disadvantages. One major con of having a human hair unit is that it acts just like natural curls, meaning it will get tangled and matted just as your real tresses will. It doesn’t matter if you purchase the best of the best virgin curls, you are bound to encounter some tangles along the way. But please don’t throw that tangled wig in the trash, with a few inexpensive products and a lot of patience you can bring your tangled wig back to life and maintain the longevity of it as well. We’ve come up with a few tips, tricks, and products you’ll need to help you detangle any weave unit. Read further for our ultimate guide to detangling your human hair wig!

Materials You Will Need...

Materials You Will Need

  • A wide Tooth Comb

  • A spray bottles

  • Any Leave in Conditioner

  • A wig head or stand

Place your wig on your stand

It’s very important to place your human hair wig on a stand, this will make it easier to comb through from root to end. These tips is also very important if your combing a very long unit. If you do not own or have a wig head or tripod you can simply lay your wig on a counter or tabletop.

Soak your wig first!

Before you get started on doing anything to you who will your week you want to make sure that you soak it in a sink with warm water. Experience and time and time again shows that wet hair is easier to detangle. After letting the hair sit in water for about 5 to 10 minutes, you want to make sure you wring out the excess water from the wig and place it back on to your wig head. Extra tip, if you Wig is already dirty you can go ahead and add a few drops of shampoo to the warm water mixture. If you do this, then make sure to rinse the wig with clean water before you begin the combing process.

Conditioner is your Best Friend!

It is best to prepare a good mixture of conditioner that will help make the human hair soft and manageable. First, you want to fill your spray bottle with about a quarter of the way full of room temperature water. Next, add conditioner to the bottle until it is about 90% full. You want to think of it as three parts water in one-part conditioner make sure to stir or shake the bottle very well. Another option would be to use leave in conditioner, these types of products do not need to be diluted in water. I’ll get to do is squirt a palm full of conditioner in your hands and rub it thoroughly throughout the human hair wig. Lastly, you want to make sure that you saturate the tips of your wig. Take out your spray bottle and spray some of the conditioner water/mixture on to the bottom tips of your wig. This added precaution will ensure that your human hair is not full of split ends or dry tips.

Comb and Brush out Knots!

Brush out Wig Knots

You want to now take your wide tooth comb and start to slowly brush out any knots, starting from the roots of your hair to the tips. Depending On how long a human hair wig is this process could take up to an hour, but this is where we apply patience. More than likely you won’t spend any more than 30 minutes ensuring that all the knots are removed. You do not want to rush this process. It is important to be very careful because you do not want to yank the way, as this will only make the tangles worse.

Give Your Human Hair Wig a Final Rinse

When you are finally finished brushing out all the tangles and your human hair wig, do you want to make sure that you rinse it out lightly by spraying clean water on the unit. This trick will help further dilute the conditioner and reduce the greasiness that is left once the product dries up. You don’t want to fully soak the hair again or too much of the conditioner will be washed away and then you’ll have to start the process all over again.

Let Your Wig Air Dry

It’s beneficial to let your wig air dry for several hours. What I normally do is leave the unit on top of the wig head and give it time to dry naturally. As time goes on I will check on it every so often and give the human hair wig a gentle comb through. Within 2 hours max your wig should be completely dry. If you are in sort of a rush it is optional for you to use a blow dryer just make sure that it is on very low heat or cool temperature. you want to be careful using that method because it is very easy to damage your wig when it is exposed to hot temperatures. I believe for the best results you want your wig to air dry.

Invest in the Proper Tools

Brushes and Conditioners

Your wig is only as good as the tools used to detangle it, make sure you take the time to invest in the proper instruments that will not tangle or pull out the hair from the wig even more.


There are so many different types of weave brushes that will help in prolonging the life of your weave or human hair wig. If you want to properly detangle them you’ll need to invest in the right wig brushes that will ensure that you are not losing too much here. The perfect example is a wide paddled brush which is best on wet or dry human hair wigs. These instruments are perfect for smoothing hair out in conjunction with a blow dryer. But you should be sure not to use this paddle hairbrush for initial detangling, because it will cause your wig to shed and have split ends.

Best Conditioners to Use

When it comes to finding the perfect conditioner, you want to make sure that it’s hydrating, meaning having enough water to product ratio so that your wig will never dry out. Always take the time to check the ingredients on the back of the conditioner bottle. you want to ensure that the products you use are paraben and sulfate free. This tip is important because the ingredients will not be too harsh on the hair after application.

Treat Your Human Hair Wig with Care

Human Hair Bob Wig

No matter what you should always treat your human hair wig as if it was a baby. Be delicate, patient, and most of all compromising. Once you learn and follow the simple tips to detangle matted hair your life will be a whole lot easier to manage. Being able to keep your hair tangled free is a great way to keep your wig lasting long and looking fresh. No one wants you to spend tons of money on an authentic human hair wig only to have it matted and tangled up by the next day. Treat your human hair wig with care and I promise it will smile back at you. Do you have any tips or tricks on how to Detangle human hair wigs? Please, tell us all about it in the comment section down below.

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Liz Hudson

Liz Hudson

August 27, 2019

That’s a good idea to use diluted conditioner as a detangling spray. My natural hair is quite damaged from bleaching it, so I have been thinking about wearing wigs while I let my hair rest. These tips will be useful in keeping my wigs in good condition. https://www.mcwigs.com/hairloss-precut-gallery.html

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