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Everything You Need to Know About Remy Hair

Everything You Need to Know About Remy Hair

If you’re someone that’s new to the hair industry you probably get confused with a lot of the weave terms that are being used. We have Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Virgin, Remy, and any other hair you can dream of out right now. There are also some people who have been wearing weave for a while now and they even come across some confusion when it comes down to Remy hair. So, we would like to educate you one subject at a time by letting you know everything there is to know about Remy Hair. Sometimes getting to know one thing will help you decipher all the others. So, check out this blog post with the best FAQ’s on Remy Hair.

So.. What is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is one of the highest grades of human hair when it comes down to hair weave or hair extensions. This quality of weave only comes in human and not synthetic. So, you’re probably curious on what makes Remy hair different from other kinds of weave? Well, Remy refers to the hair that is taken from the scalp where the cuticle is pointing in the same directions as the hairs next to them. Other Grade extensions as far as Brazilian, Virgin, etc. will have other methods for harvesting their hair from donors. For the most part the hair will be cut from the head and put into a bag without regard to which way the cuticles lay. Some other brands might treat the hair as well, which will cause it to lose its natural quality and strength.

What is The Difference between Remy and Brazilian Hair?

The main difference you will notice is that Brazilian Hair is thicker and coarser than Remy hair. Brazilian Hair has a very large density and comes in a wide range of colors and lengths. Since it has been chemically processed you will often see a shinier or silkier texture compared to Remy hair. Remy extensions will come in more natural black colors since they are not dyed or processed beforehand.

What is the difference between Remy and Virgin Hair?

the difference between remy hair virgin hair and no remy hair

You may hear these two terms used synonymously with each other but in Remy hair and Virgin hair have completely different meanings. You can use one term to describe the other, but you wouldn’t be doing it justice. One thing they both have in common are that they are 100% human hair. Virgin Hair has not been processed by any harsh chemicals. Another bonus is that this hair comes from one donor. As we’ve mentioned before virgin hair has not been affected by any bleaches, this also includes perms and color dye. The main difference is that the donor for Remy hair more than likely used to dye, bleach, or treat their tresses, while the donor for virgin hair didn’t use any chemicals at all and will always come as it is without having to be rearranged.

What does non- Remy hair mean?

Non-Remy Hair is just as popular as other brands, but what does it mean? Well, this hair has the tips and the cuticles mixed up so that all the hairs are not running in the same direction. Non-Remy Hair has a different removal process, the method includes shaving off the cuticles or sometimes the end of the hair from its donors. The upside to this option is that it reduces the predicament of friction between hair strands. The less friction you have allows the hair to remain tangle free. But unlike the other Remy hair brands non-Remy hair has undergone chemical processing.

Can Remy Hair Be Dyed?

The great news is that Remy hair extensions are not chemically processed in anyway. With you can dye Remy here without causing any damage to the weave itself. Overall the biggest concern when purchasing hair extensions is the concern of using overly harsh chemicals to attain a desired style. Remy extensions can be darkened or lightened as you would your natural hair. Most hairstylists will suggest that you do not dye any human hair unless it is a Remy brand. The reason for this is because other brands are chemically treated stripping the strands to its weakest state, due to this they are not strong enough to dye. It may take multiple attempts to lighten your hair extensions, so don’t be alarmed. You must first strip the hair of its natural color and then you will be able to bleach the hair to your desired shade. An old trick hair stylists use is called a strand test. Pluck out a few strands of the extensions and test coloring dye on that before doing it to all the bundles.

Is Remy Hair Good Quality?

Remy Hair is the greatest and most affordable when it comes down to its quality. The reason being is that the hair’s cuticles are kept intact and are going to be facing the same direction no matter what. When all the extensions hair is flowing in the same direction, you are less likely to experience complications such as tangles or matting. You also have the option of blending the weave to your natural roots. Many customers who buy Remy hair say that it can last you up to 2 years!

Can Remy hair be bleached?

Some are surprised to realize that you can indeed bleach your Remy hair. There are a few precautions first that you may need to consider. First, bleaching your Remy hair will take several tries. Since this hair is authentic and real it will dye just as your natural curls would. Second, Bleaching Remy hair may cause damage and decrease the life expectancy on the weave. Dying your hair won’t strip it if it’s natural colors or strength like bleaching would. I suggest always doing a strand test first or going to a hair salon to get an expert feedback on how to treat and bleach your Remy hair.

Where does Remy Human hair come from?

Most of the human hair we buy or sell comes from China or India. many religious groups will make ritual sacrifices to their temples by shaving their heads. Other donors are willing to have their hair cut off themselves for some extra change in their pockets. Either way before it is packaged up and sold in the stores it goes through a very rigorous cleaning and detangling process. Manufacturers make sure that it is in the best condition possible before selling to consumers.

Can you Curl Remy Hair?

Yes, you can curl Remy hair. You can heat style your Remy hair extensions just as you would with your natural hair. These extensions can handle a heat blow dryer, a flat iron, or any other styling tool. There is one thing to keep in mind, your human hair extensions will damage just like your own tresses. Make sure that you are always spraying a heat protectant over the curls before applying a hot curling iron on to the hair.

Will You Be Purchasing Remy Hair Soon?

Black Show Hair remy hair wig

So, as you can see, you can’t go wrong with any of the Remy hair options you choose. And one great thing we forgot to mention is that Remy Hair is far more inexpensive than virgin hair. So, now you have the option of looking good but only a spending a few bucks. We hope that this post has been informative and that you are now an expert on everything there is to know about Remy Hair. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section down below.

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August 30, 2021

I have a set of Remy clip ins, we dyed them to pink at the Salon, I now what to change the colour, can the salon bleach them back to a lighter colour( blond which was the original colour)before applying the new colour?
Thank you so much



May 20, 2021

My Remy hair 20" ponytail is costing me nearly half a week’s entire household income. I don’t actually consider that very affordable.



March 18, 2020

Remy Hair is often sourced from women who are in desperation for money in those countries. They are usually taken advantage of, and make pennies for it… if they are lucky and don’t get scammed. Don’t think it’s fair of you to allude to that, and not address the true nature of it. There are a few responsible sources now that actually pay the women fairly, though they are rare.



February 14, 2020

Thank you soo much for the information. I now understand the products

Alice  Anku

Alice Anku

November 15, 2019

Thank you so much for the information. Now everything is clearly about Remy hair.

Ifeoma  clara ifejiofor

Ifeoma clara ifejiofor

September 21, 2019

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