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Are you looking for Damage Free ways to add color to your hair weave?

Are you looking for Damage Free ways to add color to your hair weave?

Dying your hair weave isn’t the simplest task in the world, but with a few extra pointers and some much-needed help it can be stress-free and easy. But what about those of you who know how to dye their weave but always end up damaging it in the end? Yes, we know YouTube videos, and other blog posts may brag about how effortless it is to dye your hair extensions but somehow they always manage to forget how much damage it causes in the end. Well, no need to worry we have come up with the ultimate tips on how to color your weave without making a total mess of it by the next day. Whether you want to dye your hair weave lighter, darker, bleach them blonde, or try a bright color like pink or red, make sure to use clean, good quality virgin hair to get the better results. So, without further delay let’s hop into this list of the best damage free ways to add color to your hair weave.

A Few Tips for Dying your Weave:

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Wear Latex Gloves

The products that you will use to dye your hair may contain harsh chemicals. We want to make sure you stay protected and that you take extra safety precautions before you start. Latex gloves will protect your hands from getting dyed or bleach.

Open a Window or Dye the Weave in a Ventilated Area.

Since we mentioned earlier that dye and Bleach are full of harmful chemicals we do not want that staying your home or air for too long. If you can’t find a room with proper ventilation, you should wear a mask over your mouth and nose to keep from inhaling the harmful fumes. While you’re at it, make sure you’re wearing an old T-shirt or worn out clothing that you don’t care too much about, that way you won’t be too upset if you get products on them.

Use Virgin Hair

First thing first you want to ensure that you are using virgin hair bundles for the best dye results. Human hair bundle is the best way to make sure that you do not damage the hair weave, and or create in necessary shedding.

When Dying your Hair Lighter Colors Do Not Bleach and Color Weave Back to Back.

You want to make sure you use a bleach powder and purchase a 30-cream developer or lower. Any developer that is stronger than 40 may cause extreme dryness and shedding in your hair weave. Bleaching creates a blank canvas for your hair, so once you rinse the bleach out give it time to dry and restore itself before adding the lighter color. I suggest waiting 24 hours before adding color to your hair weave.

When you are ready for the dying procedure mix the color dye and developed according to the box’s instructions into a plastic mixing bowl. Start applying the color dye smoothly throughout the weave using a applicator brush. You want to make sure you fully saturate the hair with dye so that you don’t miss any strands. Next. Cover the bundles with plastic or foil wrap and let it process for 30 minutes. The wrap will help seal in all the moisture and help the dye from not drying out. When you have the color intensity that you like you can remove the plastic wrap and rinse out the extensions. Make sure to use shampoo and conditioner to rinse the out the dye thoroughly. You can then towel dry the hair and you are all set to rock your new hairstyle.

Try Using Watercolor on Your Weave

water color on 613 blonde hair

Using watercolor to dye your hair is a damage free way to add dye to your weave. This technique was created by an artistic director Vadre Grigsby as a method to decorate your hair in different hues that have a translucent effect, like watercolor paintings.

So first you want to lighten the extensions using the same technique you would to. bleach the hair. Another great advantage is that you can also try the technique on darker weave, but it will not show as bright and on a lighter color extension. Watercolor is completely damage free and is made up of a mixture of vivid clear colors on a spectrum and water. Although this option is one of the best it is also one that will need professional help. Mostly salons carry watercolor hair dye so you will need to make an appointment before you get the treatment on your hair weave.

When adding color to your hair use Foil to lock in the dye color.

Using foil while dying your hair will be your best friend. You may see this technique being used a lot in salons and it’s for a pretty good reason. Foil helps to lock in moisture and keep the dye from drying out. This method is also useful because it helps separate the strands of the weave that will be lightened from those that will remain in its natural color, for exquisite you were to do highlights. When you do not use foil the process of dying the hair takes much longer and will lead to long term damage. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the process of applying the foil strips to your weave, I would suggest seeing a hair stylist or going to a salon for a price quote. The price may be a little more, but you will save plenty of time in the long run.

How Do Your Color Your Weave?

As you can see there are multiple ways for your dye your weave without causing extreme damage to the hair. Remember to always co wash your hair weave and shampoo and condition the hair extensions after you finish the dying process. This extra precaution is this best way to ensure that you weave stays moisturized and free from damage. Thankfully, there are plenty of videos and tutorials on YouTube that will show you the step by step process on how to dye your hair at home if you want to try it on your own. We would love to hear all the damage free ways you dye your hair. Leave us some tips in the comment section down below.

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August 14, 2019

Great! It’s the really helpful precaution for our weave stays moisturized and free from damage. And interesting tips for a coloring hair weaves. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

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