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How To Put On A Lace Front Wig

How To Put On A Lace Front Wig

Installing a lace front wig can be a stressful process when you aren’t equipped with the proper tools, technique, or knowledge. If you are new to lace front wigs or you need a refresher course you are in the right place. The struggle is real when you have to figure out how to put on a lace front for the first time.

Lace front wigs are units that are constructed with either synthetic or human hair. These hairs are sewn onto a piece of lace-making the hair appear as if it is growing out of the scalp.

A lot of people assume that only hairstylists can apply lace wigs and make them look natural, but we know it is possible to apply your wig at home. Want to learn the correct technique to melt your lace and slay your baby hairs, keep reading how to put on a lace wig.

Before going into full detail here are a few suggestions on how to install your lace wig just like a hairstylist. Here are a few steps you’ll need to do when applying your lace wig while achieving that natural look.

  1. Place your wig into a ponytail, to avoid the edges of the lace sticking to the hair glue. Try placing bobby pins to hold the hairs into place if you are working with a short lace wig.

  2. Test out the fit of the wig and trim all of the excess lace.

  3. Braid your hair into scalp braids, this helps alleviate lumps and bumps underneath the wig. If you have longer hair, try doing a low ponytail and lay the excess hair flat using bobby pins.

  4. Always clean your skin along your hairline. This removes dirt and oil accumulated throughout the day. Alcohol or soap and water will work.

  5. When putting glue directly onto the skin make sure you are using a scalp protector.

  6. Always use a wig cap to flatten your hair even more while keeping your wig in place.

  7. Apply the glue or adhesive for the lace using a makeup brush going along your hairline.

Step One: Preparing Your Lace Wig

  • Testing The Fit of Your Wig

    You will need to ensure that your wig fits properly, once testing the fit brush out any tangles. By brushing the wig you are removing the shape that was made in the packaging and the wig box. For longer wigs put your hair into a ponytail, for wigs that are on the shorter side use bobby pins to hold around the edges and on the back of the wig.

    You are doing these steps to ensure that your wig edges won’t get caught in the adhesive of glue when putting it on.

  • Trim The Lace

    If you’ve purchased a wig that has already been trimmed this step can be skipped. However, if you are wearing a lace front wig that has not been trimmed by the company you have purchased your wig from, you will need to trim the lace yourself. Place the wig on your head and adjust as you see fit. Remember the lace is fragile so be fragile while trimming away the lace. When trimming the lace leave a bit of space. Cutting the hair directly will lead to shedding and no one wants a balding lace front!

Step Two: Prep Your Hair

For my ladies who wonder how to put on a lace front with long hair, try packing your hair into a ponytail wrapping it around your head into a flat bun. Now, use your bobby pins to hold the bun into place. Remember to try and get it as flat as you possibly can.

For short to medium length hair, you have two options when preparing your hair. Option one would be braiding your hair into cornrows. Straight back cornrows are best suited. The second option is molding your hair flat using either hairspray or gel.

Step Three: Put On Your Cap

There are various options when choosing a wig cap, however, we do suggest a softer, thinner wig cap. The main purpose of the wig cap is to hold your hair down and flattens your natural hair while tucked away. Wig caps also help the wig stay in place to avoid friction.

Step Four: Create Protection For The Skin

This is an important step when putting on your lace wig. You can either use soap and water, a mild cleanser, or rubbing alcohol. Doing so will remove oil on the hairline, the oil can reduce the effectiveness of the hair glue or adhesive causing your wig to slide or lift from your head.

When dried apply your scalp protection spray or serum and allow it to dry one hundred percent before placing the wig on. The scalp protection does just that protects your skin against chemicals from the glue, adhesive, or wig tape.

Step Five: Apply Your Glue or Wig Tape

Before using any of the products make sure you are doing a skin test in a small area.

Many questions are surrounding how to put on a lace front with glue? We know it can seem like a daunting task, what if I glue down the lace front wrong? Or, what if I place the lace front wrong, can it be removed without tearing the lace front?

All valid questions and we ensure you by following these tips you won’t have any of these issues.

When using a liquid adhesive or glue you will need to use a brush to apply it. Use your brush applying the glue onto the hairline where you will attach the wig. Then blow-dry for a couple of seconds, until you can feel the glue feels tacky to touch. When using a bond adhesive this step is not necessary.

For my ladies who are wondering how to put on a glueless lace front, there are alternatives. You can also use tape or G2B gel or hairspray.

When applying your wig tap try cutting the tape into eight to ten pieces. This should be enough to cover your hairline entirely. The number will adjust according to the size of your head. Make sure your pieces are touching gaps equate a faulty looking hairline.

The sticky side should be pressed against the skin on your hairline evenly.

Once done, remove the foam from the tape, leaving the sticky part of the tape exposed.

Step Six: Placing and Securing The Wig

Now we have come to the trickiest part of applying the lace wig.

  1. Carefully remove your unit from the packaging, adjust your wig to look as it were your hairline.

  2. Remember to adjust your wig at the back to make sure it will hang naturally.

  3. Remember to be sure that your lace and wig is placed precisely where you’d like them, it is hard to remove your lace and restart.

  4. Press your lace down into your wig tape, glue, or adhesive along your hairline where the wig tape, glue, or adhesive has been placed. We do suggest you use a rat-tailed comb to press down the frontal.

  5. Blow-dry on a low setting to ensure it is fully secured and hold down with a scarf.

  6. (Optional) If you love baby hairs, use a toothbrush and some gel to create them. If your hair is too long take a razor or scissors to cut to your desired length.

Let’s Style

Yes, you’ve slain your first lace wig! Give yourself a round of applause. Now it's time to style it. Remove your scarf and brush out the hair. When heat styling is sure you are using a heat protectant, this will combat the heat damage that comes along with heat styling. There are so many options when styling your wig! You can go sleek or you can keep it cute and simple. Volume is always in and so are beachy styles!

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