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How To Cut Lace Off Lace Front Wigs

How To Cut Lace Off Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs have taken the hair industry by storm since their first appearance in 2016! Due to their transparency, flexibility, and variety, these wigs are a hot commodity that all the ladies are swooning over.

Lace front wigs offers the wearer the opportunity to personalize and customize their lace wig to their own individual style, which then allows the wig to look more natural. You can customize the hair and hairline making it fit your style perfectly.

Although lace wigs offers such a variety, we’ve found that the number one reason that these wigs are so sought after is due to the natural, undetectable hairline everyone loves.

However, many women expressed that cutting the lace off of their lace front wig posed many issues, but once they got the hang of it, they knew they’d never go back to regular wigs.

That’s when we come in! We understand if you aren’t knowledgeable about cutting your lace wig, don’t fret, keep reading on How to Cut Lace off Your Lace Front Wig.

You won’t regret it!

Tools Needed To Cut the Lace

Cut The Lace off lace frontal wig

Wig Head (optional) - this tool is up to your personal preference. Some people like to cut their lace on their wig head, while others like to cut their lace while the wig is on their head.

Scissors or razor - again these two tools serve the same purpose but they are up to preference. Some say razors allow the more “jagged” cut which mimics the hairline more naturally. While others have found that scissors also allows that “jagged” cut.

Clips - used to clip away access hair.

Teezers - to customize your hairline.

Be sure to gather all your tools prior to cutting the lace off of your wig.

How to Trim the Lace

undetectable hairline

Step 1: Braid your Hair

Braid your hair into scalp braids, a twist out, or a low ponytail. Doing so allows your wig to sit on your head evenly. The flatter the hair, the flatter your wig will sit on your head. Cover your hair using a wig cap to avoid friction from your wig base, which may lead to breakage.

Step 2:  Put Wig On or Place Wig on Wig Head

The most important thing to do in this step is making sure your lace lays flat and where you plan on wearing it.

When using a wig form, use your pins to lay your lace flat.

When placing the wig on your head, use clips to clip the wig down or use the adjustable strap in the back.

Step 3:  Cut The Corners near your ears

Clip any excess hair out of your way. Doing this allows you to see better as well as ensuring you do not cut off any extra hair or lace.

Now, cut the corner nearest to your ear and around the ear on both sides if necessary.

Step 4: Cut Off Sections

Cutting your lace in sections vs, straight across allows you more room to create the natural hairline you desire. Most times, cutting the lace off in a straight like gives the hairline the “wig” looks.

Make your first cut straight down the middle of the lace.

Next make cuts by your temples

lastly, make cuts between your temple and ear

Now that you have your sections begin trimming your hairline one section at a time.

Step 5: Glue Lace down (Optional Step)

Use adhesive glue, tape, or gel to lay your lace down onto your head. Wrap your head using a silk scarf for about ten minutes to makes sure your edges and adhesive are laid down.

Pros about Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs offer a natural looking hairline and not the “wiggy” looking hairline! The sheer lace front is designed specifically to blend in with your skins’ complexion to create an illusion of your hair growing from your scalp along the hairline.

Lace fronts offer a lot more versatility than a regular wig does.

Lace front wigs also are more breathable than regular wigs, which then allow your scalp to breath.

Wearing your lace wig also offers protective styling, allowing your natural hair to rest in between styles.

Tips To Get the Best Of Your Lace Frontal Wig

Do not show your natural hair: Some women like to pull their edged out in the front. We do suggest that you do pull all of your back and secure it prior to placing your wig on your head. Doing this will make sure none of your hair is exposed accidentally under your lace front.

Try matching the lace to your skin tone: Doing this ensures that the lace is undetectable and the baby hairs look like they are growing from your scalp.

Be careful with your wig: If you haven’t noticed the lace on your wig are delicate. Make sure you are handling it with care.

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