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Everything You need to know about Transparent Lace Closures

Everything You need to know about Transparent Lace Closures

So, 2019 is quickly wrapping up, and before it does we want to make sure you know everything there is to know about lace closures. So, yeah we have full frontals, half frontals and even 360 ones with multiple parts, but one thing we always forget to mention is the texture and style of the lace. One popular term for anyone interested in the Weave game to know is “transparent lace closures.” Maybe you’ve heard of it before, but just in case you haven’t it been said to be the best of the best when it comes down to lace frontals and closures. The amazing reviews come from the fact that they can blend with any and every skin complexion. On top of that, they leave you with an amazingly realistic hairline, easy parting spaces, and plenty more benefits that you’ll read about in this blog post. Transparent lace closures are number one in the market for a reason and you’re about to find out! So, without further delay here is everything you’ll need to know about transparent lace closures.

First thing First, what is a Transparent Lace Closure?

Transparent Lace Closure

A quick summary to get us started, a transparent lace closure is created out of thin yet breathable material. Typically, these closures come from Swiss or French Lace which is of very high quality. I’m sure you’ve heard or seen you-tubers or stylists talking about bleaching their knots, well with a transparent closure the knots are already less obvious than usual. Due to the undetectable lace it can blend with anyone’s skin tone who wears the wig or extensions. You can find lace closures almost anywhere including beauty supply stores or online. But don’t be fooled typically a transparent lace closure will be a light tan almost opaque color, whereas generic lace closures come in a dark brown, or an orange tint. So, make sure that you always do your research and ask questions before spending money on a wig there are plenty of fake duplicates out there especially in synthetic units that can pose as transparent lace.

Are Transparent Lace Closures Here to Stay?

Unlike more hair trends that come and go transparent lace closures are definitely here to stay. In actuality purchasing these beauties is the best way to get a great return on your investment. Most weaves and wigs that come with transparent lace are 80% more likely to last longer than any other unit with regular lace. The reason for this phenomenon is since the foundation looks so natural it will create styling with ease leaving you with better hair care procedures. Every new wig or weave wearer are going to want to buy transparent laces so that the style of hair blends in effortlessly and gives of the illusion of their natural tresses. Now, just because this lace is transparent doesn’t mean you can’t add a little bit of your own touches to make it better. Adding a little makeup to the part or bleaching the knots is a perfect way to make the lace even more undetectable to the public or human eye.

Top 5 Reasons Woman Love Transparent Closures

It undetectable and extremely natural looking to any and every one.

Transparent lace closures are beginner friendly. Since everyone does not have the luxury of getting their hair professionally installed, purchasing transparent closures makes the job a thousand percent easier to do on your own.

The lace matches your skin complexion with ease.

Low maintenance, due to the lace appearing so natural there is no need to pluck or customize the hairline the moment you buy.

Transparent lace closures have the highest quality of any type of closure. You can guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth without regretting your purchase.

What’s the Big Difference between brown lace and transparent lace?

transparent lace VS brown lace

At the end of the day there is only one main difference between brown lace and transparent lace and that is the color. Transparent lace like in its name you can see right through it with ease. On the other hand, brown laces come in different shades ranging between light, medium brown, or dark. These laces need to be bleached or have added makeup to help give the illusion of your skin tone or scalp. Other than the color, the quality as price point can be near the same. Some transparent closures may become a little more expensive depending on the size of lace you prefer for your parting space. The great benefit is that both types of lace come in 4 x 4, 5 x 5, 6 x 6, 13 x 4, and 13 x 6 for your choosing.

How do you make your transparent lace closures last longer?

Like any other wig, weave, or closures you buy you want to treat the transparent lace ones with the same courtesy. Make sure when plucking be careful to not rip or tear the lace. Second, you should avoid using excess product on the hair, this will cause the lace to appear oily and leave trapped dirt. Using tons of product will also lead to an increase of shedding. Lastly, use shampoos that do not contain sulphate or any other harsh chemicals. These products with those added ingredients can cause the Transparent lace to tear or because dry and flaky overtime. To avoid all these issues, invest in a good quality conditioner, this will help keep the lace soft and decrease any tangles. When you do decide to style the hair, use a wide tooth comb and brush through softly. The main goal is to make sure you’re never causing any added tension to your weave and its closure.

What Do You Love About Transparent Lace Closures?

transparent lace wig

So, as you can see there is plenty to love when it comes down to Transparent lace closures. Now that you’ve read all there is to know about these beauties we want to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment in the section down below. Let us know what you love about Transparent lace closures.

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