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How many times can you dye your weave before causing damage?

How many times can you dye your weave before causing damage?

Dying, your own hair can be a challenge at times. You always have that reoccurring fear of your strands falling out, your tresses tangling and matting up, or you’ll struggle with split ends for months. Luckily, these worries can be resolved easily by coloring your weave instead of your natural hair. Many women have now taken the plunge into dying their extensions whenever they want to test out a new color for their look. Weave has saved countless women’s hair from excessive damage and that is something we are very thankful for. But a question I begin to hear a lot is “can weave be damaged as easily as our own hair?” The answer is yes, but how can we protect these lovely products after every dye treatment? And most importantly, how many times can we dye our weave before causing serious damage? We’ve gathered plenty of Information from hairstylists and hair influencers across the globe to see if we can find an accurate answer for this question. In this blog post we’ll show you the proper steps to take when dying your extensions and how to treat them properly after every treatment. So, without further ado let’s get straight into this post.

How to dye your Human Hair Extensions Properly?

Okay, first things first we want to make sure you all know the proper techniques when it comes down to dying your weave. Number one note to take away is that you can only dye human hair extensions. Synthetic weave will not take any hair coloring. Now, when getting started you’ll need just a few simple supplies.

simple supplies

Things you’ll need:

  • Towels

  • Hair Dye

  • Developer

  • Dye brush

  • Latex gloves

First, you want to make sure you brush out and comb through the extensions to clear them of any knots. Sometimes pre-washing the weave and adding conditioner will make the hair healthier when the dye is added.

Next you want to prepare the hair dye treatment. This process usually involves you mixing the dye with the developer into a small plastic disposable bowl. Once the mixture is ready put on your latex gloves and use the applicator brush to coat the extensions from the root all the way to its ends.

After you’re all done adding the hair color on to the weave place it on a towel and wait about 25 to 45 minutes. Periodically check on the hair to make sure it reaches your desired color.

Lastly, the most important step is the rinsing process. Once the dye is finished soaking into the extensions you will need to run the hair through warm water while applying conditioner. If you do not use any conditioner during this last step you will realize that the weave will become dry and brittle very quickly.

How many dye treatments can our weave handle?

Now that you know the proper way to dye and color your extensions the next question is how many times can you dye the weave before causing damage? Well experts say that with proper care and with good quality products our weave can with stand up to 5 dye processes before becoming too damaged.

The key to having your extensions last through all of these dye treatments is to make sure we take care of them like we would our natural ends. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure you always Wash, Rinse, and Condition your extensions after every dye treatment. The moment you leave your weave with harmful chemicals in it for too long, you can expect damage to occur. Think about it, you wouldn’t leave dye in your natural hair for 3 days so don’t do that to your weave.
  • Always detangle your extensions before dying them. Excess knots leave room for parts of your hair to not be dyed correctly. We do not want you walking round with certain parts of your weave not dyed. Tangled knots also leave room for your extensions to become dry and brittle far more quickly than if you were to comb them out properly.
  • Lastly, always dye your hair darker first before going lighter. The less bleach you have to use in your extensions the longer it will last. Most of the time we like to try darker colors like brunette, auburn red, or even jet black. But make sure if you want to go bleach blonde that you test that shade out during the end of the use of your hair. Most of the time women like to buy platinum blonde hair because it is easier to dye. If you’re someone who likes to color their own weave, we would suggest you buy 613 blonde hair instead of bleaching black extensions first, do only have to dye it again. Purchasing blonde weave helps you skip that extra step.

Why should you dye your weave?

human hair extensions

There are plenty of great reasons to dye your weave. If you’re someone who has been on the fence about it the choice for a while, check out these great reason's women have been taking the plunge.

Versatility with no damage!

The number one reason to dye your weave is that you get to test out endless colors without causing damage to your natural ends. How many times have you thought about going blonde, or even blue but never had the guts to color your own hair? Extensions make it so much easier to be brave and try our new colors without worrying about your own hair falling out.

Color adds texture.

If you’re someone who struggles with flat lifeless weave, sometimes adding color may be just the thing you need. Hair dye has a way of adding volume, shine, and glossy finish to your ends. Dying helps bring back the hair’s luster that may have gone out due to overexposure to natural elements like the sun or water. You will always obtain a fuller and bouncier look with every change of hair color you try.

Change is good!

Lastly, 80 percent of women said that when they dye their hair, they felt more confident, and received more compliments. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in our same old boring routine. But slicing up our hair color may be just the change we need in our lives. We challenge you are to try a new color with your weave and tell us exactly how you feel afterwards.

Will you try dying your hair weave?

color hair model

As you can see our hair extensions can undergo tons of treatment if taken care of the proper way. The average human hair weave can with stand 5 dye treatments or more. With weave being one of our most expensive investments we need to make sure we get all the use out of it as much as we can. Have you ever thought about dying your own weave? If you have dyed your own extensions do you have any tips to share with the rest of us? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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