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Hair Vendor Scams

Hair Vendor Scams

Options Galore, Lets Weed Out The Fake

You’ve been doing your research, building your brand, and now you’re ready to purchase some hair for your hair extension business! Yay, you!

Now, you go online to find a hair vendor and bam; there’s option galore. All these companies claiming to have the best hair, the best price, the best reviews, the best customer service, but how can that be?

It can't! Unfortunately, with more options and choices comes more opportunities for getting scammed.

No worries here, in this article, I will be helping you along the way when it comes down to noticing specific hair vendor scams, so you will be able to discern the immediate red flags before it is too late.

No one wants to lose out on their hard earned money and with my help, you won’t.

Do Some Research On The Company Before Purchasing Anything

Sad to say, but you will need to dig to ensure you are not being scammed. Fake hair vendors go through great lengths to get you to purchase their extensions, the days of relying solely on “honest reviews” and the sellers.  

Don't Just Trust The Beauty Guru Reviews

We are in the day and age of vlogging, and more people are willing to believe a “beauty guru” before looking into actual reviews. However, hair vendors know this and will use this to their advantage. How you may ask, this is how.

Scenario One - For example, they will contact a beauty specialist via email or phone offering steep discounts or even free hair for a positive review. Now, if you are watching a not so honest guru, they will, of course, take the offer and do the video without even wearing the hair more than the one time in the video before videoing their review!

Scenario Two - The hair vendor company will contact the beauty guru and send them the best batch of hair they have. The beauty guru will then love the hair and create an excellent review regarding the hair and that hair company unknowingly reviewing a company with inconsistent batches of hair extensions.

Fake Reviews, Yes It’s A Thing

Now, if you’re anything like me, I love too Google reviews for any company I am buying from! We all know reviews cannot always be trusted, but most of us rely on them to figure out if we should buy the product. So how do you spot the fakes? This list of questions to ask yourself and will help you narrow it down while weeding out the scam.


Consider the length and tone of the review

  1. If the review is vague and doesn’t have details about the product itself, it may not be real either. Generally speaking about hair you either love or hate raises red flags immediately.

  2. Also, is the review too long and over exaggerate critical points? This is also a telltale sign.

  3. Numerous short positive reviews are not ideal and should be treated as such! Especially from no-name accounts.

  4. Does the review use emotional language. Wonderful, great for everyone, amazing, etc.

  5. Consider whether the reviewer was given the product for free, in exchange for writing their review.

  6. Some vendors also ask people to remove negative reviews in exchange for a discount or even free virgin hair.

  7. Only positive reviews. All companies will experience lousy reviews, its apart of owning a business.

  8. Use Fakespot.com to analyze the reviews for the hair listed; they will then give a rating for the user's review and authenticity!

Faking it until you make it has become prominent in the hair industry! Some cases you will immediately be able to tell from the reviewer’s manner whether they’re authentic or honest. You will have to decide within the context of what you are read, how you feel about the reviews. Try doing some broader research such as looking over their BBB profile to gain more information before making your decision regarding purchasing hair.

The Bait and Switch

The undeniable bait and switch. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is when a company uses fraudulent advertising to lure potential customers to make a purchase.

This type of practice is misleading to the customer (you) through alluring an offer (the bait) in order to make you purchase their hair, while sending you a different batch of hair (the switch) that usually will generate a higher profit margin for the vendor and costs more for you, even though the hair is of lesser quality than expected. If the promotion, offer, or pricing is too reasonable to be true, its because it is! The hair most likely will not be one percent human hair, or one hundred percent virgin hair. Remember the saying “you get what you pay for.”

If you are concerned about the bait and switch, we do suggest purchasing hair from one vendor minimally three times; this will allow you to see if their hair batches are consistent and of high quality! Test each batch to see if you are thoroughly satisfied with the hair!

Who Should You Avoid

  1. If it seems to good to be true, run

If the pricing compared to the hair you should be receiving is too good to be true, it is. We all love a good bargain, but be smart about your bargain shopping, you don’t want a “good deal” having you lose out on the money.

  1. Using Stock Photos

If you find a vendor and they are using only photos of celebrities and stock photos, nine times out of ten they are not legitimate or credible. Oftentimes, people will steal pictures from other companies and try to pass them off as their company extensions, wigs, and units. Find a vendor with real photos of people.

  1. Only Positive Reviews

Everyone will not be satisfied with products its apart of the business. So having all positive reviews on a vendors site should immediately throw up red flags, can we say fake!

How To Avoid Getting Scammed

wholesale virgin hair vendor - Black Show Hair

  1. Ask Questions

You should have a list of questions prepared for each vendor you are looking to purchase from. Ask opened ended questions that will require more than a simple “yes” or “no.” The vendor you use should be knowledgeable extensively about the textures, lengths, colors, shipment, packaging, and sales. If they are unfamiliar can provide little information regarding the hair they may be scammers.

  1. Use Secure Payment Forms

Scammers tend to love Western Union or any money pay place that gives you no security if your money is taken and you don’t receive a product, or you are a victim of the bait and switch. Using a separate secure site such as PayPal will ensure all purchase are tracked and verified if something were to go array. If the vendor refuses or makes excuses as to why they do not want to use a secure site, you should move on to the next company.

  1. Order Samples and Do Not Spend Much The First Time

Order samples of the hair to see if it is of quality. If not, you won't lose out on much money, and you can move onto the next vendor.

Be Mindful In Your Buying Process

Buying extensions for your hair business can be a smooth process. However, it is pivotal to be mindful of the vendors and your buying practices. This is your hair business, and it is an exciting time, do not allow scammers to detour your process or take away your valuable time and money!

Black Show Hair focuses on America virgin hair market. We are one of leading virgin human hair supplier; we offer the best mink Brazilian hair products in the market.

Have any other questions, ask below!

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Bobby Williams

Bobby Williams

May 19, 2021

Hello , I just have a few questions about your product what’s the texture of the hair what color lace frontal wigs you have , I’m looking for a 12 inch body wave wig / possible with color shrieks , If not just black body wave Thank you!



May 19, 2021

I would like to purchase hair for my business. I would need a sample.

joi ballard

joi ballard

April 23, 2020

I am inquiring about wholesale prices for hair

Sharnese sayles

Sharnese sayles

February 19, 2020

Good evening, I just have a few questions about your products.
What’s the texture of the hair?
About how many bundles needed for the average person’s full head?
What color lace?

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