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Double The Lifespan Of Your Weave With These Hacks

Double The Lifespan Of Your Weave With These Hacks

Extensions are a huge investment and of course, you would expect them to last long, who wouldn't? No matter how amazing your hair extensions are, if you are not educated on proper care tactics they will not last long. There are various ways to increase the lifespan of your extensions, whether you've spent $50 or $500 on your hair. With such an investment, be sure you are getting your money's worth by doubling the lifespan of your hair weave with these hacks!

One: Seal Your Wefts

Your wefts are the base of gorgeous hair extensions. When your wefts are cut and not properly sealed excess shedding begins to happen. To reduce this problem and double the lifespan of your weave, you must be sure to seal your wefts. There are various products made specifically for this and sold at various retail stores.

Two: Try To Avoid Cutting Your Wefts

Although it may seem easier and faster to just cut your wefts when having your sew-in installed, in the long run, this will cause more shedding, which will then lead to thinner hair as time goes by. To avoid cutting the wefts, use the flip over method. This will keep your tracks in one piece and a lot of spacing and shedding of the hair will be avoided. When installing the weave on your braids when you come to the end of a section you flip your track over and start to sew on the next braid.

Three: Wash Your Extensions After Your Purchase

Wash Your Extensions After Your Purchase

Yay, your bundles are in and of course you want it installed immediately after having them arrived. However, we do advise that you give your bundles a good wash and condition before wearing them. Doing so will remove chemicals that are used to manufacture the weave and the dirt from the packaging.

Be sure to wash your extensions with cool water from root to tip, without scrubbing them or using a circular motion. Rinse, and add your conditioner and detangle with a wide-tooth comb, and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry and allow your bundles to air dry completely.

Four: Minimize Bleaching or Lifting Your Hair

Who doesn't love a good color, we know, we get it! However, if you are looking to double the lifespan of your hair weave, then minimizing bleaching is important. An alternative to bleaching your extensions is using temporary color hair sprays to get the desired colored or purchasing weave and depositing your desired color.

Five: Do Not Use A lot Of Products

Using products that are heavy or greasy will destroy your extensions. Find one good product and use it as necessary. Using a product unproperly will add buildup and cause your hair to look greasy and stiff.

Six: Reduce The Heat Consumption

Just like you should not use heat on your own hair due to damage, the same goes for your weave. Be sure to use heat protectors and reduce the heat setting on all of your hot tools. Many people assume, the higher the setting the better the style, but that is not true. By avoiding these suggestions you are liable to experience dry and split ends, which will lead to breakage and your weave getting shorter.

Use proper heat settings and heat protectants. When possible, try no heat styles to achieve the same look without the heat.

Seven: Reduce Washing Your Extensions

Since your extensions are not attached to your scalp, you do not need to wash them as you would your real hair. Wash your extensions on an as-needed basis. Washing your extensions too often causes them to become dull and dry due to all of the stripping of oils. Try co-washing if possible or a 'water-wash', if the shampoo is pivotal, make sure you are using a sulfate-free shampoo.

Eight: Sleep With A Satin Scarf Or Satin Pillowcase

Sleep With A Satin Scarf Or Satin Pillowcase

Sleeping with a satin scarf or satin pillowcase reduces the friction and dryness that another material may cause. This material helps retain the moisture in your extensions and makes sure its remains, soft and silky.

Nine: Brush and Detangling Regularly

Make sure you are brushing and detangling your extensions on a regular basis, especially if you have extensions that are shoulder length or longer. When brushing be sure to brush from tip to root, avoiding snags, and gently detangling your hair. Do not rush or roughly brush your extensions, because this will induce shedding. Wide-tooth combs and detangling brushes are suggested and are most successfully used.


- Brush them prior to washing and sleeping.

- Remove tangles gently, avoiding pulling and tugging.

Do Not:

- Brush your extensions while wet, due to hair being it's weakest.

Ten: Air Dry Your Extensions

Air Dry Your Extensions

Air drying your extensions are best to double the lifespan of your extensions. By doing so, you avoid unnecessary heat. Gently pat the hair dry and allow the rest to happen in due time.

Eleven: Deep Condition Your Extensions

The best way to maintain the moisture and luster of your extensions is by making sure they are properly conditioned. If you opt to use heating tools frequently, be sure to deep condition your hair weave once monthly. If you've colored or bleached your extensions, deep condition your weave twice monthly.

Twelve: Choose Extensions That Fit Your Lifestyle

Choose a length, color, and texture that is not a hindrance to your daily life. Be sure to purchase something that is discomforting, distracting, and tangles easily will only make you want to remove the hair and not wear it anymore, which ultimately shortens the lifespan of your hair extensions.

The best thing you could do to double the lifespan of your weave is to treat them as if it was your real hair. Always remember, if I won't do it my real hair, I will not do it to my hair weave. With a little extra TLC, you can be sure your hair extensions last longer then you could imagine.

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