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7 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions While Sleeping

7 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions While Sleeping

So, we all have had an amazing hairstyle at least one time in our lives. One of the most important questions we think about when we have a great hairstyle is “how can I keep it like this through the night? Well, taking good care of your extensions isn’t as hard as you may think. So, we have taken the liberty of creating the best tips on 7 ways to take care of your hair extensions while sleeping at night. So, let’s dive right in on these tips.

Wrapping Your Hair at Night

Okay so the number one way to protect your hair extensions at night is by wrapping up the hair. Most people will use silk head wraps to protect the weave and their natural hair. Basically, the materials in satin and silk help to not absorb any moisture from your hair. If too much moisture is lost from your hair, then you will have dry brittle extensions. If your extensions become to dry, they will begin to shed and be un-wearable.

Another method of wrapping your hair is by using bobby-pins. What you’ll typically see are women wrapping their weave in a circular motion while using foam and Bobby pins to safely secure it down. This method is something people have been using for years. After you apply all of the Bobby pins you can bow wrap the hair with a headscarf or wrap for added protection. If you still need help, we suggest checking out in depth videos on how women wrap their weave at night.

Brush Your Extensions Before You Sleep

Brush Your Weave

This might sound extremely simple or like common sense, but if you just brush your extensions right before bed you will see a tremendous difference. For the most part weave extensions have a bad habit of becoming tangled and knotted up. And you can probably guess that while sleeping you’re tossing and turning all over the place. When our natural sleeping habits take place, this will probably add to the knots you’ll see in your weave. So, we suggest right before going to bed to give your extensions a nice combing or brush through. Try purchasing a paddle weave brush, they are also called boarbristle brushes. Any brush with long bristles is perfect with helping Detangle weave extend without hurting your scalp. These brushes are also perfect with helping evenly spread out any leave-in conditioner or oils to all parts of your hair.

Condition Hair Extensions at Night

Conditioning your hair extensions at night can help with its longevity. But there are certain ways you want to go about conditioning your extensions. First, you want to be sure that you thoroughly comb through any knots before adding the conditioner to your weave. You do not want to drench your extensions with too much product it will have the opposite effect. Too much product on your head will leave it oily and may have your extensions falling out from your hair. So, it might be easier to come up with a nighttime conditioning routine so that way you can always keep proper care of your extensions.

Sleeping With Satin Pillow Cases

Women all over the globe have been talking about how amazing silk pillowcases have been on their natural hair and weave. Silk is better than typical pillowcases that are made out of cotton. Silk helps to reduce the number of split ends on your extensions as well as preventing the weave from excessive dryness. Like we have mentioned earlier in this blog post we have a natural tendency to toss and turn at night. Using satin pillows or pillow cases help reduce the amount of frizz on your extensions as well as protect them. There are tons of different websites you can purchase your silk pillow cases from so do your research on which one will work best for you.

Braid the Extensions Before Bed

Braid the Weave

Braiding your extensions right before bed can help in more ways than you know. Braiding down the weave will help prevent it from excessive tangling at night. And Ifyou’re someone who has curly extensions this method would be perfect for you. Braiding the weave at night and taking it out in the morning will leave a curly pattern that will add to the curls in your extensions. Depending on how thick your hair is will depend on how many braids you will create. But make sure to finish off each braid with a rubber and or hair tie so that the style will stay in place all through the night.

Make Sure Your Hair is Dry Before Going to Bed

Making sure your hair extensions are dry before bed is very essential most women will try blow drying their weave right before bed to prevent any excessive knots from occurring. Also, when are extensions are wet this leaves the gate open for our hair to tug and snap or break off while sleeping. Also drying your hair will help decrease the amount of frizz on your extensions. Frizz can sometimes be very hard to tame and in most cases, it will cause you to have to remove the extensions completely. So, right before bed or even after you get out of the shower use a microfiber cloth or a blow-dryer to help achieve a nice protective hairstyle.

Remove Your Hair Extensions Before Going to Sleep.

If all else fails and you don’t know how to take care of your extensions, we suggest taking them out before bed. If you’re someone who wears tape-in or clip on extensions this will be ideal for you. Sometimes the best way to take care of your extensions is by not sleeping with them on at night. As you’ve heard us say multiple times sleeping with extensions will cause tangling at night. So, using these tips will help you so much in the long run when it comes down to taking care of your extensions before bed.

How Do You Take Care of Your Hair Extensions at Night?


So, with all of these tips stated in this blog post we hope that it’ll help you all take better care of your hair extensions. Now, we’re curious to know how you take care of your extensions before bed? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comment section.

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