Latest Fashion Trends - 5 Days of Hair and Outfit Inspiration

5 Days of Hair and Outfit Inspiration

Are You Ready for a 5 Day Switch Up?

Life is already hectic enough without trying to figure out what outfit to wear or how to style your hair. I know we all struggle with comfortability, so it’s easy to get stuck in a daily routine of throwing on some jeans, a t-shirt, and slicking our curls into a bun. On top of being busy working full time jobs, working out, or trying to maintain a social life, how can we possibly keep up with the never-ending trends that are constantly changing around us? One moment we're rocking overalls, and tie-dye shirts and the next skinny jeans and crop tops are back in style.

We know hair and fashion can be stressful, but on the plus side there are a few trends that no matter what will always be in style. We want to make everyday events in your life go by a little more smoothly. You would be surprised to know what five extra minutes and a list of inspiration can do for your overall look. Because let's face it, when you look good, your self-esteem increases, your confidence is through the roof, and everyone is in awe of your appearance. So, if you need a severe style rehab or even something new to try then check out our list of 5 days of hair and outfit inspiration!

Monday's Hair

sleek bone straight hairstyle

Okay, I completely understand why a majority of us hate Monday's. It's the start of a new week, we're recovering from the weekend antics, and if you live in any major city, the traffic is probably horrible. But I like to think of Monday's as a reboot button. You are essentially setting the tone for the rest of the days to come. If you start your week looking like a bum, it'll probably end in that matter as well. How about we add a little spice and boldness to your Monday routine by trying a sleek bone straight hairstyle.

Now there are several ways to achieve the straight bone hairstyle, and I will share with you the most straightforward methods, which consists of either buying a wig or getting a sew-in.


-Flat Iron

-Hair Serum or Oil

-Heat Protectant Spray/Oil

-Any Length Extension or Wig Unit

-Bobby pins

-Head Wrap/ Scarf

Sew-in Method

For my ladies with hair extensions, you can try this look one of two ways. If you find that you are not a morning person try straightening your hair Sunday night. You can add a serum or various types of oil to achieve a sleek, edgy look! When you're all done straightening the hair, you can wrap it in a circular motion using bobby pins and hair clips. When you finish wrapping the weave, place a bonnet or scarf around your hair for protection throughout the night. In the morning, you will take out all remaining hair clips, walk out the door, and conquer your day. If you're someone who doesn't mind waking up a little early, you can achieve the straight look that same morning. You will have to make sure you set aside an extra 45 mins to an hour for this hairstyle. We know it will all be worth it in the end.

Wig Method

lace front bob wig

A second way to achieve the straight bone look is to purchase a wig. You can go for simple casual style by getting an 18 or 22 inch unit, or you can go bold and try a blunt cut bob. No matter the option all you'll have to do is ensure that the hair underneath the wig remains flat and not bulky. With this method, you will have more free time to get ready without having to worry about styling your hair.

Natural Hair Method

We would hate for you to use excessive heat on your natural hair, but if you use the right products and heat protectant, it will not be damaging at all. If you feel as if you’re a bit more on the lazy side, you can always go to a hair stylist Sunday night and have them straighten your curls.

Monday's Outfit

Monday’s Outfit

Since we are rocking a sleek look, we might as well pair it with an edgy outfit. Whether you are on your way to your 9-5, getting some errands done, or meeting up with friends we have the perfect outfit in mind for you. No better way to pair straight hair than with a simple yet classy dress. Dresses are the best things to wear when you want to spend less time getting ready for your day. These outfits also come in a myriad of different styles for any occasion.

If you’re someone who will be in the office for most of your day go for a mid-length or a mid-calf dress. You can also opt for something off the shoulders or in a bold color if you want to add a little more personality to your modest ensemble. Whether you choose a tube, strapless, short, or long dress, we know that you will slay your Monday the way only a boss babe can.

Tuesday's Hair

Tuesday’s hairstyle

After stealing everyone's heart from Monday's look, on Tuesday we want you to dedicate a little extra time to ourselves. We think a middle part low ponytail will look amazing. It's easy to want to hide your face from the world sometimes even yourself. But a slick back look will make you appreciate your real beauty. It's time to show off those fantastic facial features, and we'll teach you how.


-Hair accessories (optional)

-Hair Gel

-Comb and Brush

-Hair Tie or Scrunchie

-Clip-ins (optional)

-Bobby pins

-Head Wrap/ Scarf

First, you want to start by taking a comb and creating a middle part down your head. You can use the brush to smooth out any fray hairs sticking up. If you are prone to frizzy hair use the gel in a generous amount to keep the style looking neat. Once everything seems precise how you like, begin to create the low ponytail with a scrunchie. Length isn't necessary for this style, but if you would want a little more of it, you can wrap hair extensions at the base of your ponytail. Lastly, tie a headscarf around your head for about 5 to 10 mins to let the gel dry. There you go, a perfect sleek low ponytail that will make anyone fall in love. If the style is still not wowing you, add a few hair accessories to spice it up.

Tuesday's Outfit

Tuesday’s Outfit

Since we’re deciding to dedicate more time to ourselves on this day, we don’t want your outfit to be too over the top. Let’s slay the day with an oversized tee or sweatshirt and a pair of denim jeans or shorts. The trend of oversized clothing is getting big and doesn’t look like it’s descending any time soon. Celebrities like Ariana Grande and Rihanna love rocking this style, so why not us. Try pairing your favorite band tee of crewneck with a pair of light-wash denim shorts or jeans. Spice it up by adding heels or even your favorite boots. Now you have all the ingredients to slay another great day.

Wednesday's Hair

Wednesday’s Half up Half down hairstyle

Low and behold it is Hump day, we're almost through our work week and may get our second boost of energy on this day. We think a Half up Half down hairstyle is perfect for anyone to pull off. If you believe that you may look kiddy, don't worry we have plenty of tips and tricks to glam this hairstyle up. Here's what you'll need.


-Hair accessories (optional)

-Hair Gel

-Comb and Brush

-Hair Tie or Scrunchie

-Clip-ins (optional)

-Bobby pins

-Head Wrap/ Scarf

First, you want to start with a part through the middle of your head going from ear to ear. The part you create does not have to be perfect. Next, grab a scrunchie and tie up the top section of your hair into a high ponytail or bun. Now, this is where you can get creative; if you don't have the desired length, you can always put in extensions to give yourself a fuller look. Let the bottom half of your hair remain out, and you can accessorize it by adding decorative Bobby pins. Lastly, don't forget to lay down those baby hairs with your wrap so you can have a neat hairstyle in the end.

Wednesday's Outfit

Wednesday Outfit

The half-up-half-down hairdo is a fun style, and our outfit should correspond with the look. We're thinking on your 3rd day of outfit options you should go for matching 2-piece sets. Now matching sets are taking a storm and are an ongoing fashion trend. I remember in the 90's and early 2000's celebs, and influencers wouldn't leave their house without sporting their juicy couture tracksuits. If jogging suits aren't your thing and don't match your everyday lifestyle, we understand. But there are plenty of matching skirt, pants, and other suit sets that would look amazing on just about anyone. Be a little on the daring side and try out this fun outfit choice.

Thursday's Hair

Thursday’s curl hair

We are slowly creeping up on our 4th day of hair and outfit choices, and I'm excited to bring you all into the weekend. Since we're mentioning a ton of bold looks, I think we can get a little risky with our 4th-day hairstyle. And there's nothing sexier than wet and wavy hair. You can try this hairstyle with weave, wig units, and on your natural curls if you have the right hair texture. Let's get into some of the products you'll need to master this look.


-Hair mousse

-Hair Gel/Gloss

-Comb and Brush

-Hair curler (optional)

There are many ways to achieve a wet and wavy look. One of the best go-to methods is to add a generous amount of hair mouse and curling products on to your hair. Next Part your weave into sections and create two strand twists. The size of the twists can be big or small depending on what curl pattern you want. Next, let the hair product dry overnight or just enough to where there is still a little dampness. Once twists are dry enough unwrap them and spray hair gloss at the end.

If you want to try this on your natural hair but don't have the right hair texture, there is a method you can use. Try getting a hot curler and place small curls throughout the hair. After, add hair mouse to each curl, in a twisting matter, and let the product dry completely. Once the mousse is completely dry separate each curl and finish it off by spraying hair gloss on the roots through the ends. Your primary goal no matter which type of hair you use this style on is to make sure that it does not look stiff, or hard. Be sure to use the proper hair gels and products, and you will come out with a very sexy hairstyle.

Thursday's Outfit

Thursday’s Outfit

Let's keep the sexy train going by adding some spice into your next outfit selection. For the top let's go for deep plunge or low v cut shirt. Tops like this are perfect for showing a little cleavage, and excellent if you still want to cover up your arms and shoulders. For the bottoms, a nice pair of flare pants or tight jeans would go perfect. You will be giving off a daring casual look, that is sure to turn a few heads. One thing I love most about this outfit choice is that it will seem like your being sexy effortlessly, without trying too hard. So, if you don't have the critical ingredients for this look, stop by your nearest mall and shop ‘til you drop. We all deserve the chance to walk on the wild side.

Friday's Hair

Friday’s Messy Bun Method

We are now on day 5 and boy does time fly by fast! We know when Friday's come around you can either feel one, super excited for the weekend to start or two, extra lazy from all the work you did or are planning to do on the days to come. So, we are proposing two hairstyles that are in the same realm. For or last hair inspiration option go for either a messy or neat top knot bun. Here are some of the products you'll need.


-Hair Gel

-Comb and Brush

-Hair Tie or Scrunchie

-Clip-ins (optional)

-Bobby pins

Messy Bun Method

If you are going for a cooler look, the messy bun is the way to go. First, you want to brush all the hair up until it's at the right location on the top of your head. Since it's messy, you don't have to worry about gelling up the hair the more imperfections, the better. Next, grab your hair tie and do a half bun. Now if your hair is already in a curly texture, all you'll have to do is add a few Bobby pins for extra security, and then you're good to go. But if your hair is straight or too short, try adding clips-ins and wrapping it around the unfinished bun. Bobby pin the extensions in place, and there you have it, a perfectly messy bun.

Neat Top Knot Bun Method

Now if you want to go for a sleeker top knot bun, there are only a few things you'll have to do differently. First thing, is gelling and brushing up the entire hair into the perfect bun. Next, grab your weave or extensions and wrap them around your bun neatly. The more extra hair you add in, the fancier and grandiose the style will turn out. Grab a small brush to lay down your edges, and bam you’re ready to conquer the world with your sleek top knot hairdo.

Friday's Outfit

Friday’s Outfit

No matter what country you live in, we can all pretty much unanimously agree that Friday's are fantastic. And with this day being most peoples end of work week, we deserve to be happy and have a little fun. For your 5th-day outfit option, try adding a little color pop to your ensemble. Whether you choose a bright yellow dress with a denim jacket or an orange flare pant with a simple white blouse, we want you to feel comfortable and vibrant. The main point is to spread a little sunshine and happiness through your personality and your wardrobe. We hope you can do this Friday hair and outfit combination justice!

What Are Some of Your Favorite Hair and Outfit Combinations?

So, as you can see, there are never-ending possibilities you can choose from when it comes down to your hair and outfit choices. Remember that even though it's five days of options it doesn't mean you have to do these styles consecutively back to back. If you want to rock your short bob throughout the week then that's fine, but at least try to switch it up every now and then. We know that living in a world where trends are forever changing can become a little stressful at times. But with this new list of inspiration, we hope to spark a fire in you that encourages you to try something different. Do you have a go-to hairstyle or outfit you love wearing? We want to hear all about it in the comment section down below.

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