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Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Curly Hair Sew-ins

Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Curly Hair Sew-ins

Curly hair is on a rise when it comes down to its popularity. And we all know that it can take forever to grow or even maintain the perfect curly hairdo. Honestly, who has the time or energy to stress over anything when it comes down to our tresses? Thankfully, with the advancements in the hair world, you can purchase amazing curly extensions, receive a sew-in and no one would ever know the difference. But hold on, getting a sew-in with straight or body wave weave can be simple, when adding curly hair into the mix you may come across a few problems. No worries though, luckily we have all the tips and everything you'll need to know when it comes down to the perfect curly install. Say goodbye to awful hair trips to the salon and wasteful hours styling your weave. Read on to discover our top 10 things you need to know about curly hair sew-ins.

Always Go for a Full-Frontal Curly Hair Sew-in

Never get a partial curly hair sew-in if your natural hair does not match the style or texture. It's hard to manipulate curly hair sew-ins especially since the pattern has a mind of its own. These kinds of extensions have enormous volume, and you want it to look uniform throughout your whole entire head.

I always encourage friends that when getting a curly hair sew-in to make sure that it is a full-frontal piece. Getting a full coverage sew-in will give off the appearance that the weave is your natural hair, while in the process eliminating countless hours you may spend trying to style the sew-in. Now, if you are someone who has curly hair already then, of course, you can always opt for getting a partial sew-in. Just remember to blend your curls with that of the weave. Try doing twist outs and keep your tresses moisturize so that they will always match your curly hair extensions.

Curly Human Hair Weave Lasts Longer

curly hair human bundles

Curly hair sew-ins look beautiful and we will guarantee the moment you get an install you will never want to take it out. But, if you want it to last for a long time it's best if you go for a curly human hair weave. I shouldn't have to tell you all the negative repercussions you may face when buying synthetic curly extensions. But just know that synthetic hair has a knack of matting up, getting tangled, and having a shorter life expectancy then human hair weave. Another benefit of buying a human blend weave is that you can straighten and re-curl the hair as you like. You will not have to worry about excessive damage or shedding which would make anyone's life a whole lot easier.

Use 3 or more Hair bundles When getting a Curly Hair sew-in.

Unlike your typical sew-ins where you can probably get away with using two to three bundles, when installing a curly hair sew-in you must use three or more. Curly tracks have less space between them, meaning that once you get a sew-in on to your head if it is not full you can begin to see in between the spaces. No one wants to get caught with their braids showing so you want to make sure you always have full coverage. Another benefit of having 3 or more bundles in your hair is that you have the option of putting your hair up in one or in multiple hairstyles without the tracks showing. The greatest benefit of having a curly hair sew-in. or any full sew-in for that matter is the versatility it offers you. If you're someone who likes to switch things up every now and again I would say make sure you are taking full advantage of this style.

You must Sew tracks flat

I cannot stress this point enough, but if you were planning on getting a curly hair sew-in please make sure you lay the tracks down flat. Since curly extensions can already be bulky, adding that on top of bulky braids would be a double negative. The number one rule for sewing down tracks are to make sure they are laying in the direction of the braid (which is normally side to side) and not against it (up and down). The way to remember this rule is by braiding your hair in a circular motion or from ear to ear. Stay away from doing a straight back cornrow kind of braid. Curly hair can sometimes have a mind of its own and we can't blame it for that, but we can control it falls by how way lay down the extensions. It may sound obvious but make sure you let the curt hair fall naturally instead of forcing it to go in a way it was not naturally designed to do. You can train your curly hair sew-in by using heat, products, and tying your hair down with a scarf at night. Stick to these tips and you are sure to fall in love with your sew-in.

curly hair extensions

Double Up the Curly Hair Extensions in the back.

We will mention time and time again how you need your curly hair sew-in to have volume and appear full. This tip is most important when applying the tracks in the back of your head. Remember earlier we talk about buying 3 or more bundles of hair and that is for this very same reason. Curly hair sew-ins tend to appear thin and especially in the back of your head. So, if you start doubling up on the tracks when you reach in the back, we can almost guarantee that the overall look will appear fuller and more voluminous than before. If you have a stylist that is installing the tracks have them measure and cut the tracks as they lay them on your head, this will make doubling up in the back a lot easier.

It’s Easier to Wash your Curly Hair Sew-ins

One thing all my friends rave about when getting a curly hair sew-in is how much easier it is to wash than other texture hairs. Since the curls are big and have more volume there is no direct shot to your natural tresses. This benefit makes it easier to wash the actual extensions without soaking your entire braids in the process. After having a sew-in for a certain amount of time people tend to take them out to re-wash and that can be very time-consuming. Now you have the option to keep your weave clean as well as your natural tresses and that's what we call the best of both worlds. If you opt for having human hair, which we highly suggest, then you can comb through the curls without dealing with a tangled mess or massive shedding. Wetting curls will give them a more defined look, so as a styling tip spritz a few drops of water on the sew-in before you leave the house and your weave will look amazing and healthier than ever.

Curly Sew-ins Last Much Longer Than Other Hair Textures

curly hair weaves

Now, this is one statement that is completely true. For someone reason when you get a straight hair sew-in it doesn't last for a long time. One of the main reasons for a short life on straight hair is because our hands are always in it, let me explain. You will constantly have to straighten, comb, and brush straight hair during that process the weave will begin to frizz, lose its luster, and become extremely brittle and weak. Luckily, with a curly hair sew-in, the style is already set. There is no need for excessive styling, brushing, combing, or straightening, thus these are the reasons the style will last you for a very long time. So, if you are the type of person who loves consistency or hates having to buy new weave every other month, then getting a curly hair sew-in is what will work best for you.

It’s Harder to Dye Curly Hair

Of course, with anything good, there are always pros and cons. Unfortunately, the one downside to having a curly hair sew in is that they are much harder to dye. The curly weave is originally straight, this means that to make it into that form it probably was treated with some type of chemical. Adding another harsh chemical like hair dye will probably not only damage the pattern but also the hair itself. Another major disadvantage is that the die sometimes does not cover the whole entire curl pattern in only catches it in certain spots. This problem can lead to you having highlights or an ombre instead of entire head curls with one uniform color. Your best bet would be to choose a shade that fits you best and that you are most likely to wear for a long period of time.

Always Buy Curly Hair Longer Than the Typical Length you would go for.

I cannot mention how many times people end up dissatisfied with their curly hair because it is not the link that they expected it to be. Since curly hair is in a sense tighter the actual length is cut short. If you typically like your hair to be 14 inches long in a curly style it would be between 10 to 12 inches long. The tightness of the curl has a lot to do with the length as well. If you're someone who loves a long look, try opting for a loose wave, or even a wand curl. For my ladies who like a shorter look for a spiral or kinky curl pattern. With always buy curly hair longer than you would any other style, so that way you can skip away from the added length if necessary.

Curly Hair Sew-ins Tend to be Dense, Make Sure Installation is not too Tight.

curly human hair

Lastly, we want to make sure you know that curly hair can be heavy. What we mean by this is that curls tend to have a lot of density to it, and in turn, can weigh down on your braids. having a heavy set of weaves can cause you to have tension headaches or even worst have your natural tresses break off. Straight hair tends to be lighter especially when you purchase it long, but this is the opposite when you apply it to any other weave texture or style.

Whenever you get a curly sew-in or any installation for that matter make sure that it is not put in too tight. The best hairstyles can cause an awful experience if the foundation is wrong, so please we can't stress this enough loosen your braids and don't overdo the sew-in process.

What do you Love About Curly Hair Sew-ins?

As you can see there is so much to love about curly hair sew-ins. We want to hear all about your thoughts with this hairstyle, the good and the bad! If you have any stories, tips, or facts you would like to share about curly hair sew-ins please let us know in the comment section down below.

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Mary Mckesson

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