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Can Black People Have Straight Hair?

Can Black People Have Straight Hair?

Can Black People Have Straight Hair?

Hair texture of black people is unlike any other. Their hair type comes in so many different shapes and colors. From women and men who are of African American descent, to indigenous native Americans. We can clearly and unanimously say that hair can be very unique. But with their being so many intricate features of African American hair there seems to always be one question on people's mind. And that question is “can black people have straight hair?” Well, that is one complex question that we feel we may have the answer to. So, sit back as we dive into the amazing world of African American hair and unlock the answers of an age-old question “Can Black People Have Straight Hair?”

What Is “Black” People Hair?

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So, first we must be clear on what black people hair is, when we describe it to you all. Everyone's definition of black people can all be subjective. Whether we boil it down to people with darker skin tones, or people who derive from Africa. In this case we would be referring to people who are descendants from Africa. If you ask any stranger on the street if they think black people have naturally straight hair of course the answer will be no simply because it is something that you rarely ever see. The first image that pops into our minds when we hear of black people hair is kinky, curly, unmanageable tresses, but why? There is a practical reason why you will see African American people with curly and not straight hair so let us explain.

History Behind “Black” Hair

The history behind black hair stems from its original roots which is in Africa. Due to Africa's hot climates people who are from there learn to adapt, this includes their body and hair. Even though you may not know or feel it, your body is always adapting to the environment around it. When you get cold the hairs on your arms will begin to stand up in hopes to heat up your body. Well, this same method can be applied to when you get hot.

The more heat your body is subjected to the more it will react. In Africa, because of the hot temperatures your scalp will try any drastic measures to keep the body cool. So, typically your hair will begin to coil up to help the sweat evaporate sooner and thus keeping your body at a cool temperature. Straight hair would be a disadvantage in the sun, because it would begin trapping and locking heat on your scalp. As generations go by its smart to infer that the people's hair in Africa’s environments have just adjusted over the years.

Does this conclusion mean that black people don’t have naturally straight hair? No, there will always be exceptions to the rule. There are people from Eretria, Ethiopia, and Somalia (which are all decedents or Africa) with straight hair. Just because we may not have ever seen it before does not mean it does not exist.

Why Do Black People Straighten Their Hair?

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The question on your mind after reading the history of black hair may now be “why would black people straighten their hair if it is a natural adaptation to excessive heat?” Well, the easiest and simplest way to explain this question is due to race and politics. Back from times of slavery black hair was considered to be unappealing, dirty, ghetto, unprofessional, and any other negative derogatory thing that can come to your mind. For the longest black people could not find suitable jobs unless their hair looked neat and professional. This issue would call for them to drastic measures such as perming and straightening their curls. Luckily times are changing, evolving, and progressing little by little. Now, African Americans can feel free to wear their hair curls proudly without fear of judgement or lost opportunities. Also Some African people get dread extensions to chive the amazing looking.

Black Hair Will Always Be A Topic of Discussion

If there is anything you can take away from this blog post, let it be that no matter what, black people hair will always be the center of attention. The pressure to live up to European societal norms are no longer a predominate thing. The stock market on perms and chemical straighteners are at an all-time low. Black women now are wearing their curls with so much pride and it is a beautiful thing to see. The fact that black hair does not have to be washed every day, can be put into multiple styles, and grow as long as any other texture of hair is what makes it so unique. There is literally no other caliber of hair like that of African American hair. I’m excited to see in the near future what other things that we will learn when it comes down to black hair and how much it will progress in society. All I know is be prepared for all the information that will be brought to us.

So, Can Black People Have Straight Hair?

The answer is yes. Black people can surely have straight hair, the lack of how many African American people we see with it, stems from all those years of adaptation. Science proves to us time and time again that we are a product of our environment. Just how there are Caucasians with naturally curly hair the same can be said for back people. Everything can be traced down throughout history, and there will always be an exception to any rule. We encourage you all to try and do some research of the many different tribes and history of African American people. You would be surprised to see that not only are there some black people with naturally straight hair, but some are even born with blue eyes, others with blonde hair. Tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comment section down below. Did you know black people can have straight hair? Do you know any black people straight hair? Share your stories with Black Show Hair.

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