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Best Tools for Your Hair Weave-Very Detailed Article to introduce the hair Tools

Best Tools for Your Hair Weave-Very Detailed Article to introduce the hair Tools

So you've gotten your hair extensions and they are slayed! Now you are home wondering how to recreate the look your hairstylist did so effortlessly in the hair salon. Without the correct tools and products, you won't be able to re-create the look that you desire. For some, this can be a daunting task and honestly, they don't know the first thing about styling their hair. That someone maybe you, and that's why you are here. No need to fret, no need to worry, we are here to help you out! Here are the top must-have tools for your hair weave, so you can slay the day away!

"Pre-Styling" Tools

Clips and Hair Pins

Clips and Hair Pins

I don't think people put in enough thought when thinking of these hair tools. These tools help save time and function from unnecessary hair getting in the way while styling your hair, which ultimately leads to more time wasted and more difficulty in getting the style accomplished. There are many price points and types of hairpins, clips, and grippers, so this product is usually bought based on preference.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are used for sectioning off your hair to accomplish the hairstyle. You would usually section your hair off when round brushing, curling, flat ironing, and holding curls in place.

With longer hair it is best to use large clips versus the metal clamps due to the length and softness of your hair, it is harder for the smaller hair clips to keep the hair set.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins can be used for multiple things like pinning shorter hair pieces back and creating hairstyles.

Some ideal styles done with bobby pins are half-up, half-down styles, and messy ponytails and buns. Using bobby pins ensure your hairstyle will stay in place. It is ideal to have different size clips and bobby pins, also make sure your bobby pins are close to your hair color if they need to be hidden.

Best Sleek Style Tools

Flat Irons

Ceramic or Titanium Flat Irons

I know flatirons all seem to do the same thing, but they are not all the same. They are often made of different a material, which allows different outcomes when straightening hair. So before placing heat on your hair, make sure you know which plate is best for the texture of your hair!


Ceramic flat irons are affordable and have a long lifespan. When using this flat iron heat is evenly distributed throughout. Meaning, frizz is reduced tremendously, breakage is less likely, as well as damage. Ceramic flat iron allows the straightening process to be smoother and quicker.

On the flip side, these flat irons do not heat up as fast. Also, it is harder to maintain the desired temperature, meaning you will have to heat it continuously while straightening your hair.

Ideal Hair Textures

Ceramic flat irons do not reach extremely high temperatures. It is recommended to use this flat iron on Brazilian straight and body wave, and Peruvian body wave. Also, due to the low temperature, it protects your extensions from damage.


This is a naturally occurring metal, really strong but light. It heats up quickly and intensely for this iron is used for normal to thick or coarse textured hair. You can effectively achieve the bone straight look everyone desires.

With the higher temperature settings, uncontrolled heat can burn your hair extensions and scalp if not careful.

Ideal Hair Textures

You can transform those curly hair extensions to bone straight within minutes from tips to root in the most time saving efficient way. Be sure to be careful with the high temperature.

Best Tools for a Sleek Look

  • KIPOZI Flat Iron (Titanium) - affordable and ergonomic, comfortable to hold, ranges 450 Fahrenheit, LCDD screen.

  • BaByliss Pro Ultra-Thin Flat Iron (Titanium) - many hairstylists opt for this straightener. It is not the cheapest but it is worth the price tag. The titanium plates allow incredibly fast heat time while emitting ions to your hair.

  • Xtava Infrared (Ceramic) - affordable and cost-effective. Temps ranging from 265 degrees to 465 degrees Fahrenheit. This straightener uses inferred rays to seal the hair tightly keeping the moisture and nutrients retaining and restoring its vitality. The straightener also offers dual plates allowing even heat distribution.

Best Tool For Body and Curls

Curling irons

Curling irons are best used for those big voluminous Victoria's Secret model waves! The big barrels and clamps are used to wrap the hair around the barrel up to your roots. The wider the barrel, the bigger the curl.

  • Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron - cost-effective and gets the job done.

  • Hot Tools 24k Gold Curling Iron - Best for coarse textures.

Best Tool For Beach Waves

The new trend of effortless beach waves have taken over this year! Although you can accomplish this look with a flat iron, it is much easier to accomplish this look with a wand. Think Beyonce's waves, the epitome of perfection! Our fave is the Babyliss Pro Conical Wand 32-19mm. It is ideal for all hair types and textures. This tool also works perfectly when blending your leave out and hair extensions.

Best Tool For Corkscrew Curls

The Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Spiral style is ideal for those corkscrew curls. It is measured ¾ inches in diameter. Here are all the specs!

  • 25 different heat settings

  • Turbo heat boost

  • Even heat distribution

  • Safety stand

  • Cost-effective

Best Blow Dryer

Weave Dryer

The Weave Dryer is the ultimate blow-drying tool for your hair weaves! Yes, it is all in the name! Dr. Michalyn Demari Porter came up with the idea while on vacation. She went for a swim and got her hair wet and had no way of drying her extensions and braids underneath. She then went to bed with her hair wet and woke up to hair smelling like mold. She then cultivated the weave dryer! Here are all the specs!

  • Even heat distribution throughout the hair and scalp

  • Eliminates frizz

  • Prevents bacterial growth

  • Easy to use

Best Detangles

Denman brushes

Denman brushes are the staple of detangles! These brushes are ideal for your curly weaves and coarser hair extensions, but also work on all textures! There are various Denman Brushes you can choose from, although we do suggest you find a brush with at least 5-7 rows of bristles!


Brushes and Rattail Comb

Many don't give much to this tool, however, what you use on your extensions helps maintain your hair and if your extensions look frizzy or sleek.

  • Paddle brushes - ideal for straight hair

  • Boar Bristle Brushes - helps polish your extensions while smoothing it out.

  • Teasing brush - Adds volume at the root, used to"tease"your hair.

Rattail Comb

A staple of the hair community, If you have any leave out these combs are used to get your part on the straight and narrow. It also helps separate your hair in sections to straighten or curl your hair.

Styling Those Extensions

Your extensions ultimately react the same as your natural hair would. They become dry and brittle, can get heat damage, and need to be taken care of for a long lifespan. Using the correct tools will not only have you looking good but also extending the longevity of your hair!

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