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7 Things You May Be Doing That's Damaging Your Hair Weave

7 Things You May Be Doing That's Damaging Your Hair Weave

Think about how your bundles feel fresh out of the pack, soft, great sheen, flexible, and luxurious. The strands flowing through your fingers like silk, but some factors like styling, our environments and care choices can make your gorgeous hair fall flat and short of its initial beauty. Many of us know that we are supposed to take care of our weaves as we would take care of our real hair, and most likely know the essential products as well. Many consumers slam and blame hair companies, but are not properly taking care of their hair weave. However, if you notice that your bundles are lasting as long as they should or they are losing their luster and bounce, you may be doing something wrong, and I am here to help you out.

Different Types Of Hair Weave

human hair VS synthetic

Human hair mix and human hair weaves are made from live donors. While on the other hand, synthetic hair weave is made from materials the simulate hair like nylon and acrylic fibers, differentiating the differences between the two play major factors in deciding how to properly maintain your weave.

Now that we understand the different types of weave, let’s discuss things you may be doing that’s damaging it.

Number One - Improperly Handling Your Hair Extensions

Make sure you are always using a gentle touch, products, combs, and brushes. If you are roughly washing, brushing, and combing your hair weave, you stand a chance of tangling, snagging, and matting your weave. Also, using the incorrect tools and methods while styling and caring for your hair extensions will snatch and tear the culticle, pulling layers apart  and ruining your hair extensions.

Number Two: Using The Incorrect Shampoo And Conditioner

shampoos and conditioners specifically made for hair weaves

Yup, there are shampoos and conditioners specifically made for hair weaves. Investing in some weave friendly will help you avoid ruining the hair and its texture.

Also, keep in mind the technique of washing your hair is important. Soaking is ideal for cleaning with your shampoo while adding conditioner throughout the hair and gently combing through is ideal.

Now, rinse with cool water, finger detangles, and allow the hair to air dry.

Number Three Drying Hair Products

Using the incorrect shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, and other hair products using alcohol, sulfates, phosphates, and mineral oils ultimately strip away the natural oils and moisture from your hair. Sulfates are made strip away the oils that cause sheen and when used makes the hair look frizzy.

It intensifies when it comes to your hair weave, as they are not subjected to chemical treatments and are not meant to have these products placed on them. Overly-harsh products destroys the cuticle of your weave, leaving it weaker, and duller than before. Make sure you use products specifically tailored to hair weaves. Gentle, phosphate and sulfate free cleansers like a baking soda solution and check your hair product labels for safe and effective ingredients.

Number Four: Using Hot Tools To Often

wash hair weave

With synthetic hair, heat is not recommended and if it is use it cautiously. Due to the hair like material being fibers, the strands tend to melt due to the heat. Also, heat from cooking can damage your wig as well. For example; standing over over a boiling pot of water, opening an over, and standing over a barbecue grill can damage your weave when temperatures are really high.

With human hair weaves, using excessive amounts of heat without heat protecting products can cause heat damage and alter curl patterns. If you choose to use heat tools on your hair weave, do so cautiously and sparingly.

If you do opt to use dryers and flat irons, make sure you’re using you heat protectant sprays. Also, keep in mind styling products create layers on top of the hair and may make the hair greasy and stringy when not washed as often as it should!

Number Five: Underwashing Your Hair Weave

We all love a good style and some banging beach waves, but leaving a hairstyle “as is” for a long period of time without washing your weave is a monumental mistake. Dirty hair smells and looks bad, because products, first, and everything your weave comes into contact with your hair builds up, leading to dull, stringy strands that’s more prone to breakage.

Our scalps naturally create sebum when we get hot and sweaty. So, underwashing your weave will create build up.

Water is the best natural moisturizer, and dirt blocks the moisture from reaching your hair cuticle. Try to wash or co-wash your weave bi-weekly depending on your activity level and lifestyle.

Number Six: The Way You Sleep

Using a silk scarf or bonnet can increase the longevity of your weave. When laying on your pillow case the friction and snagging between your hair and the cotton polyester blends can snagging, frizz, and split ends. Silk scarves or bonnets locks in moisture and creates a barrier between your hair and other materials.

Number Seven: Coloring Your Hair Weave

color hair

When color is applied, it is ten times easier for damage to occur due to the process of coloring hair and breaking down hair bonds to achieve certain looks.If you are unsure and inexperienced, try hiring a professional to color and maintain the color of your hair extensions. A professional colorist will also clean and style your weave correctly which will ensure longevity and a popping color!

If you do want to color your weave, be sure that you use a shampoo for colored hair. These shampoos are sulfate free, alcohol free, and have extra moisturizing products to keep the hair moisturized.

When thinking of heat, make sure you use a heat protectant that has UV protection included for that extra layer of protection!

Let Us Commence The Protection

Weaves gives us the chance to revamp an entire look many times without damaging our real hair. Keeping these seven damaging weave behaviors at bay will allow you to get a longer lifespan with your weave! Let us know some damaging behaviors you like to avoid!

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