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Covid-19, 10 Ways To Take Care OF Your Extensions While Quarantined

Covid-19, 10 Ways To Take Care OF Your Extensions While Quarantined

Can we all take a moment to admit how much this pandemic has come in and alters everyone's reality, literally! With social distancing and stay at home orders, our hair care routines are out of whack and our hairstylist can not fix it for us. Self-care is at an all-time high and has taken an entirely new form since Covid-19 stepped on the scene! If you’re at home, social distancing, and laying low like the rest of us, here are 10 Ways To Take Care of Your Hair Extensions While Quarantined!

Number One Brush, Brush, and More Brushing

I can not repeat myself enough, brush your hair. Yes, I understand that you aren’t going anywhere, so what's the point right? This is a key factor in avoiding knots, tangling, and matting of your extensions! With salons being closed you must avoid any of these hair conditions. If possible, use a wet brush with sturdy bristles but also is flexible enough to be gentle while removing snags, tangles, and knots. While brushing, start from the ends, using small strokes, and gradually work your way up detangling the section before moving forward.

Number Two: Shampoo and Conditioner

shampoo and conditioner

Be warned, using any shampoo it's detrimental to your extension. Be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo made specifically for hair extensions. Also, be sure to condition those ends, ends are the first to dry out and tangle. A good conditioner will revive and moisturize your ends and hair shaft for a shiny new look and feel

Number Three: Clean Your Hair of Product

Properly cleaning your hair and extensions are important. Most times we use various products daily to style our hair that causes buildup. Making sure you use the correct shampoos and conditioners in addition to washing your hair properly is ideal. Be sure to clean your extensions and your scalp, your hair underneath is just as important as your hair extensions.

Number Four: Deep Condition Your Extensions

Nothing is wrong with regular conditioners, however, deep conditioning is taking your moisture to a whole other level. Using warm water wet hair and lather in your deep conditioner. Then place a shower cap over your hair. The heat radiating from your scalp allows heat which will open the shaft allowing the hair to be penetrated. Once your hair is rinsed you should see the instant shine and have tangle-free hair.

Number Five: Wearing A Silk Scarf

wearing silk scarf

Tying your hair up will help avoid friction from your hair and pillowcase while you’re sleeping. Cotton materials are known to seep up oils and moisturizers which will, in turn, leave your hair dry and tangled. Silks are not drying and also help with shine in the hair. Take even a step further and braid or two strands twist your hair extensions. Simply taking these steps will help avoid knots and tangling.

Number Six: Co-Washing In Between

Co-washing is a simple and easy way to refresh your hair weave. Co-washing allows your hair to get cleaned as well as adding moisture back into your hair. This is in between washing and should not be done in place of actually washing your hair.

Step 1: Wet the hair with water.

Step 2: Apply a light moisturizing conditioner.

Step 3: Comb through thoroughly making sure all snags and tangles are gone. Use a wide-tooth comb starting from the ends up and let sit for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse hair thoroughly making sure all of the conditioners are gone.

Step 5: Gently pat hair dry removing excess water and allow to air dry or blow dry on very low heat.

Number Seven: Moisture, Moisture, and more Moisture

We can not emphasize this enough, moisturized extensions are healthy extensions. Unlike your natural hair, the oils from your scalp will not reach your hair extensions, you must add moisture and sealants to your extensions. For curly textured, use a light oil spray.

Number Eight: Limit the Amount of Heat

heat protectant

This step should be easy since we are at home. Just like your real hair, too much heat equates heat damage. You can do everything to your weave like your real hair but remember to limit it. Opt for rollers or curl formers, if you insist on the heat make sure you are using a heat protectant.

Number Nine: Thoroughly Dry Your Hair

So many opt for a simple wash and go, but it's safer and better not to do so, and here is why. If your braids underneath aren’t fully dried you will run the risk of mildew and molding which leads to damaged hair. When washing your hair make time for sitting under the dryer for at least one to two hours to be sure your hair is fully dried.

Number Ten: Take Your Extensions Out

We know having a fresh install before COVID was a great idea, but we are three months in and it's time for a refresh. Taking down your extensions can be intimidating, but it is doable.

To take out your extensions be sure to have your basic tools handy:

  • Scissors or anything that can cut through thread

  • Denman brush

  • Clips

  • Mirror

  • Good lighting

When removing your weave always start from the top of your head near your edges.

Identify where your thread on the weft is, once found slowly bring your scissors underneath the thread, ensure there is no hair, tug and snip until that portion of the track is loosen.

Repeat layer by layer ensuring to clip your exposed hair away. For your hard to see areas try using a mirror or another set of eyes and hands.

Once all of your extensions are out thoroughly wash your hair and deep condition.

If you have high-quality hair weave be sure to wash, detangle, and condition the hair for your next install. Always allow your hair to air dry.

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