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Virgin Malaysian Hair

Virgin Malaysian hair tends to thicker and heavier than Indian hair, but at the same time it’s also reputed to softer and silkier. It dries straight, although it has a slight wave, which makes it easy to work with, and yet still possessive of a natural touch. After a few wash cycles, it starts to look even more natural, picking up a little more waviness that adds a touch of texture and dimension to an otherwise straight look. It’s extreme luxurious in both look and feel, and is reported to carry a great natural shine, which is great for those women who want their hair to be one of more noticeable features of their body. Like the Southeast Asian location of its origin, it certainly has a note of the exotic and unique, while at the same time being very strong. Its strength allows it to carry curls very well, and they can last all day without dropping or loosening even better, you won’t need to use specialty products to keep up its shape. For those women looking to have some control over the placement of this exotic hair on their head, Malaysian hair bundles might be the right choice. Black Show Hair virgin Malaysian weave can also provide a tropical touch to your already extant natural hair, while also adding depth and volume.