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Virgin Indian Hair Bundles

Black Show Hair Virgin Indian Hair is 100% natural hair that comes from—you guessed it—India. It’s never been processed or treated with chemicals, so that means no dying, bleaching, or perming has been used to change up the color and texture. Because it’s natural and unprocessed, there’a wide range of textures, ranging from curly to silky straight. Remy Indian Hair is a particular type of virgin hair where the cuticles are not only intact, but they also run in the same direction, because each and every hair comes from the same donor. The end result of that quality is that your Indian Hair Bundles will be tangle-free and will shed less. You could say it’s the best kind of virgin Indian hair. Now, because these Raw Wavy Indian Hair weaves are actually all natural material that’s never been processed or treated, you’ll have to take care of it just like you would your own hair—sort of. It will react to the environment around you (in terms of temperature and humidity), and can also collect dirt and the buildup of scalp oils. But at the same time, because it’s not actually attached to your head, you won’t need to wash and shampoo it as much, but you will still have to keep it clean in order to maintain its natural beauty.

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