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Virgin Cambodian Hair

Virgin Cambodian hair, like its Malaysian counterpart, is yet another beautifying tool with an exotic touch of mystique. This gorgeous variety of Virgin hair is becoming increasingly popular, and that comes as no surprise since its been hailed as simply gorgeous. It has a luxuriously soft and silky texture, while also a hearty durability. Those who don’t like a lot of pressure or pull on top of their head can celebrate the fact that it's also very lightweight. But don’t be fooled into thinking it lightweight status makes it thin—Cambodian hair has tons of volume...and in that way, you might say it possesses the best of both worlds. For those who have naturally smooth hair, this option can be a great way to do hair extensions. Whether you want to iron the hair into smaller, tighter curls, or go big with sensuous waves, the silky texture of Cambodian hair will lend itself well to your stylistic inklings. Rumor has it that it also lasts longer than its Indian counterpart, while carrying a similar sheen that makes Indian hair so highly sought after. At the same time, it carries a course durability that gives it the edge of Brazilian and Indian choices for women of color looking to add some volume and bounce to their look. Black Show Hair is the best wholesale virgin Cambodian hair vendor.